For Baileys Treat Stop, we have teamed up with 10 cafes to make new treats , that are heavenly spin-offs of classic cafe beverages and pastries such as hot coffees, shakes, frappes, sundaes, hot chocolates and more.

  • Hot Treats

Delicious variations on the classic hot chocolate and coffee drinks, adding a fabulous rich, creamy dimension that’s not hard to create but leaves a lasting impression. Rediscover the latte, hot chocolate, cappuccino etc.

  • Cold Treats

This category reinvents the cold cafe beverages and turns them into grown-up treats. Rediscover milkshakes, frappes, iced coffees, sundaes, ice chocolates , brownie sundaes, etc

  • Pastries

This category offers tiramisu, cheesecakes, pies, pudding, pancakes, Baileys french toast, casseroles, profiteroles, Baileys chocolate mousse, cookies and cream parfaits, fudge, truffles, glazed doughnuts and more.

 So go on, delve in and enjoy the taste of pleasure – whatever that pleasure might be!


  1. Wild Coffee Bar 
  2. The Hickory 
  3. Karveli
  4. Park Square @ Sheraton 
  5. Kampala Serena Hotel 
  6. Prunes 
  7. La Patisserie 
  8. The Bistro 
  9. Icon Lounge 
  10. Cafe Ceylon 


Baileys Treat Stop Uganda