Eroticism and Intimacy: Faces, Places and Paths

  • 8th Mar - 9th Apr
  • 6:00 PM on Tuesday
  • Free


Curated by Violet Nantume, Peter Genza and Moses Serubiri

Eroticism is defined as sexual desire or excitement, while intimacy is a close familiarity or friendship. These two elements are central to the inquiry of this project. How we conceal or reveal sexual desire is related to the close familiarity with our bodies, or with other people. In addition, the paths or ways to intimacy are wide ranging: from romance literature and sexual therapy to perfumes, music and alcohol. Places of intimacy are equally innumerable: hotels, trains, airports, homes, bedrooms, bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

Yet while the ways and paths, as well as spaces and places of intimacy and sexual desire are innumerable, often times both women and men are incapable of exploring these options due to the expectations of Uganda’s traditional cultures and modern society. The clash between eroticism and society limit the expression of sexual desire, and limit the exploration of intimacy. As a result more adventurous paths and spaces of eroticism and intimacy are relegated to the wings, as both women and men choose to follow the obvious status quo.

The exhibition, Eroticism and Intimacy: Faces, Places, and Paths, aims at bringing the taboo subject of intimacy and sexual desire to the forefront as a means to highlighting the place of sexual rights, and personal liberties in the women’s day forum. While we speak of girl child education, we should also speak about the personal liberties of women and men. By bringing to centre stage a subject constantly relegated to the wings, the project aims at influencing the public debate surrounding women during the historical International Women’s Day in 2016.


In addition, the Kampala Art Auction will also feature a compilation of images that will circulate across various media platforms and form a virtual archive that will endure beyond the end of the exhibition.

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