Nalubale Rafting Expedition

  • Karuma Falls
  • 24th Mar - 5th Apr
  • 12:00 AM on Sunday
  • N/A


Nalubale Rafting are proud to announce the first ever open access rafting expedition from Karuma Falls to Murchison Falls, in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda. This section of the Nile is one of the wildest sections of river anywhere on the planet! The huge white water, along with the hippos, crocs and other wildlife make it one of the most intense rafting experiences you will ever have. It has only ever been rafted 4 times before.

The expedition will be led by South African Pete Meredith, who has rafted the section more times than any other person.

Intensive pre-expedition safety training on the Nile in Jinja is included in the package. A high level of fitness is required and a truly adventurous spirit is an absolute must.

To apply, email Thomas: or book

Price: USD 5,250 per person (Transport in Uganda, rafting, training, beverages, food, dorm accommodation)

Minimum age: 21 years

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