The Route Movie Screening

  • National Theatre
  • 22nd Oct
  • 7:00 PM on Tuesday
  • UGX 10,000


Many Ugandans wonder what it’s like living overseas. They dream of leaving their stagnant and unfulfilled lives for a better existence. They presume that beyond the oceans and land masses lie greener pastures with a bounty of financial treasure. All because they hear it in the Kyeyo stories. What they don’t hear about are the inhumane evils lurking in the dark, waiting to pounce on their naivety and desperation. Evils like human trafficking.
The Route captures the story of Samantha, (Sharon Detoro) an ordinary 17 year-old girl living in a small village in rural Uganda. That is until her father dies unexpectedly. Staring in to the face of poverty with no way for her and her hapless mother to fend for themselves, and no school fees, Samantha ultimately comes to an idea that has probably crossed the mind of every Ugandan, somewhere in the village, backed into a corner by poverty; Go to Kampala City.

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