Uganda Waragi Gin & Juice Brunch – Riders Lounge

  • Riders Lounge Acacia Place
  • 4th Dec
  • 10:00 AM on Sunday
  • Free entrance


If, like us, you’ve enjoyed the rise of the ‘brunch’ phenomenon in recent years, where eateries offer new simple fruit-based cocktailia as an enticement for partaking in a weekend feast, then we’ve got news that will be music to your ears. Literally.

Kampala Cocktail Week in partnership with Uganda Waragi Premium Gin & Riders Lounge have gone one step further and added a new refreshing gin & juice twist to an already exciting culture.

Cocktail Week Brunch Diners will enjoy a unique freshly pressed Gin & Juice menu under the Sunday sun with friends featuring Uganda Waragi’s flavour range infused with the best in-season juices. All Gin & Juice cocktails will be served at UGX 15,000 and a Carafe (3 glasses) at UGX 40,000 for you enjoy with long lost family and friends. All cocktails are simple easy mixes and a few lucky guests will get behind the bar and learn how to make these drinks for home entertainment.

The Uganda Waragi Gin & Juice Brunch takes place at Riders Lounge Acacia Place, on 4th December between 10.00am and 2pm.

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