#UgTravelMonth Trip 5: Murchison Falls by Acacia Safaris

  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • 1st Oct - 2nd Oct
  • 7:00 AM on Saturday
  • UGX 300,000


First gazetted as a game reserve in 1926, Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area. United States President Theodore Roosevelt visited Murchison Falls National Park in 1909 during the most lavish hunting safari of all time – one which, by today’s rates, cost US$1.8m.

The park is bisected by the Victoria Nile, which plunges 45m over the remnant rift valley wall, creating the dramatic Murchison Falls, the centerpiece of the park and the final event in an 80km stretch of rapids.

Trip 5 of #UgTravelMonth is powered by Acacia Safaris and Pakuba Lodge.


Day 1

  1. 0630hrs – Departure from Kampala (Garden City)
  2. 1200hrs – Ferry Crossing
  3. 1300hrs -Lunch Break at Pakuba Lodge, located in North West of Uganda on the Eastern Bank of the Albert Nile. Our tastefully furnished rooms offer comfort, style and serenity
  4. Game Drive for Group 1: A game drive around the Buligi game tracks on the northern bank with a trained ranger guide and opportunities to photograph the wide range of animals in the Nile Valley. Your guide will have a good idea where the lions are hiding, and you may even spot a leopard at dusk!
  5. Boat Launch for Group 2: The launch trip upstream from Paraa presents an astonishing display of wildlife and culminates with the memorable frontal view of the Falls.
  6. 19:00hrs – Sundowner Drinks and Dinner at Pakuba Lodge at
  7. Accommodation for the night at Pakuba Lodge

Day 2

  1. 07:00hrs – Group Camp Breakfast courtesy of Pakuba Lodge
  2. 08:00hrs – Game Drive for Group 2
  3. 08:00 hrs – Boat Launch for Group 1
  4. Departure for Kampala

The ticket charge of UGX 300,000 is an full-board ticket and covers Transportation, Meals,  Activities and Accommodation by Room on the trip. The above rate is applicable to Ugandans / East African Residents only.

NOTE: All itineraries subject to change, depending on weather, availability and location of chosen lodging.

For further info, reservations and tickets, call: 0414 695 658 or whatsapp 0775 498 582. Bookings are made with full payments by Sept 16, 2016.

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7 Reviews

  1. Mamerito says:

    I call this a great deal. Better way to travel and explore our countrytside

  2. MARIA says:

    This trip was a total rip off. There was no one from pearl guide to help through it all. We had to pay for our entrance to the game park. We reached the place but had no one to give us a tour. We got stuck in one place for about 8 hours with no help. I was ssooooo annoyed. The pearl guide numbers were useless at that point because no one picked up. The trip was the worst ever. Total rip off

    • Pearl Guide says:

      Maria, please receive our heartfelt apology about your experience. We are working to make amends. Please share your email and phone number so that we can follow up.

  3. Or says:

    We had a very disappointing trip. It was badly organized and overall quite unprofessional. The guide from Acacia Safaris did very little to keep the tour organized or to follow the trip plan. He seemed indifferent to the whole ordeal. We often found ourselves organizing the trip, taking roll call and notifying people instead of the guide. We even had to collect receipts from people since the guide claimed too many people showed up on the trip. The guide did not take roll call at any point including when we left Kampala in order to make sure everyone in around. I was only told one day before the trip that foreigners are to pay extra for park entrance fees even though there is no mention of this on the website. The price was advertised as one which includes entrance fees. I was told a day before the trip but others were not told at all. Everything seemed very disorganized since the guide did not know who was supposed to be on the trip and who paid. This is something you need to check well before the day of the trip. One of the travelers was sponsored by MTN but did not have a receipt on him and had to suffer the humiliation of being accused of not paying. We were delayed for 5 hours while entering the park and so missed out entirely on the first day. We missed lunch as well on that day. We were then told that we will be compensated with lunch on the next day which was insulting since we were supposed to get lunch on the second day anyway. In the end, we did not get to see the falls since the trip was poorly planned. We were driven through muddy roads on unsuitable coaches. We got stuck and dug ourselves out from the mud 4 times. This could have been avoided if the trip was either planned according to the weather or if a different vehicle was used. Nevertheless, the hotel was very good and the driver was very pleasant.

    • Pearl Guide says:

      Dear Or,

      we really appreciate this detailed feedback. Please bear with us as we do our best to make amends.

  4. Aggrey says:

    I cannot say any more than what has already been stated but reiterate the poor level of communication noted up til this moment. You say you will make amends but all i have received is one inadequate email and which i responded to it with 1 simple question, there’s been no response.
    All in all this was poor planning from all involved parties and a whole of time and money wasted.

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