Camel Club: Cocktails redefined in Kampala

By Martyn Tumwesigye

November 22, 2013

The superlatives come easy when describing Camel Club: it is epic, homely, detailed and magnificent certainly one of the best cocktail bars in Kampala. Located on Kyadondo Road. Plot 18 Nakasero, Camel Club is a newbie on the Kampala cocktail bar scene. Recently opened in February, 2013 Camel Club is already giving other bars in the area a run for their monies.
Danilo Di Cangio, proprietor and one of the brains behind Camel Club explains that the idea and inspiration to setup the club was borrowed from a popular club that used to exist at a RAF plane air base for pilots during the Second World War. One of the pilots decided to open up a bar where all the pilots could meet and ease off the stress from the war. That also explains the thorough logo for Camel Club which is to simply put it; authentic. He further explains that the bar is a gift to his wife Tasha who managed a cocktail bar in London for two years but now manages Camel Club.

The architectural design of the bar which is totally built out of wood and metal and has samurai partitioning walls comes from one of the partners Eric and it was designed to instill in passengers a sense of being home while you are away from home. The bar area (mad men style) is a simple but meticulous design of wooden crates that are well lit and hold different liquor bottles.
Camel Club UgandaAround the sides is Tenerife bar stools, deep Aviator style chairs and adirondrack chairs perfect for taking in the original samurai walls, Hanze tables, the round wooden decks out in the garden area which are all cleverly lit to impressive effect with homeland lamps, hendrick lamps or the piano lamps.

Whether you are looking for a Tom Collins, a magnificent martini or the quintessential Cosmo – Camel Club’s bar tenders are waiting to mix it for you. The drinks show equal attention to detail and this has been as a result of the fact that Camel Club has a bartender exchange programme with cocktail bars all over major cities in the world to keep things fresh.

On average cocktails range from 15,000 UGX to 50,000 UGX but depending on your alcohol level and how much you can take, if you are a newbie at Camel Club then it’s recommended you try out the ‘Gin Gin’ Camel Club’s special invention. Its contents are gin, fresh lemon juice, ginger syrup and fresh mint (20,000 UGX). For those that have really high alcohol levels then you should make it a point to try out ‘The Zombie’ served in a tiki, it costs 50,000 UGX and is rated as the ultimate cocktail knockout punch at Camel Club.

As far as events go, they have a Jazz Sessions Night going on every last Tuesday of the month and Cinco Cinco which will be happening in September. “The atmosphere is chill, laid back and you can smoke inside and outside” explains Bill ‘The New Yorker’ about the wow factor of the Club.
If you are looking for a feel good cocktail bar in Kampala that offers the best cocktails in a homely environment with nice people where you don’t have to worry about your wallet being snatched, Camel Club is the place to be.

Open from 12:00 PM daily till late Camel Club can be reached by telephone;

Mob: +256792111200 or you can visit their website;

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