#KlaRestaurantWeek: Design Agenda

By Joel Ntwatwa

April 21, 2016

Design Agenda can easily be called a good hideout in the open. Located on the corner of Kimathi Avenue on Jubilee Insurance Building, it’s a mini art gallery-cum-restaurant that delights in designing creative meals for its patrons with a special inclination to charcoal grill preparation. It’s hard to find a more private place in a busy area that provides great cocktails and great grilled dishes.


Designer Butternut Soup with Garlic Bread


Butternut soup is usually one of the most delicious and preferred warm starters for any three course meal.

Design Agenda’s Butternut soup doesn’t disappoint either. First, the vivid orange velvety look is enough to warm up the tummy. Its rich creamy texture upon tasting is complemented well with the slightly charred bread served on a strip of matooke leaf. A keen tongue will be able to note the strong hint of garlic in the soup, herbs and butter. You can dip the bread into the soup or simply sip on spoonfuls of the butternut soup. The taste is delightful both ways.

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Designer Chilled Fish and Avocado Cocktail Sauce.
It comes as a multiple-textured taste in a cocktail glass. It’s served with a spoon so do not attempt to use your mouth or a straw. Tilapia, avocado, and cucumber cubes come together in a mixture of creamy mayo sauce sprinkled with dill on top. The dill provides a herby flavor and the mayo sauce provides an overall creaminess for the soft and crunchy texture and three different tastes of tilapia, cucumber and avocado. As you’re crunching on the cucumber you’re then on the soft avocado and fish. It’s a lovely experience for the tongue. Plus, the dish comes with lemon slices so you can add another taste into the mix.

Sliced Irish and Matooke Crisps, Fresh Cucumber and Carrot with Tartar sauce.
For those who want to go easy on their starters, this is a great choice. The Irish and matooke crisps plus the cucumber and carrot offer crunchy choice to those who prefer to keep their tummy space for the main meal. It’s a dip and crunch option. Dip into the tartar sauce and crunch! What you’re not ready for, however, is their addictiveness.

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Designer Pork Chops with William Potatoes with Design Agenda Barbecue sauce.

The best thing about the pork chops at Design Agenda are their bony extensions.

They come ready for you to hold and bite into without the need for fork and knife. Nothing beats meat that is tender and juicy.

Add some barbecue sauce to it and you’re in for a taste! Design Agenda’s barbecue sauce is a secret. Don’t forget to try the William Potatoes.

Char Grilled Chicken Breast.
Served on a bed of spinach, smoked mushrooms, cheese and cream, this chicken dish is charred the Ugandan way, over charcoal grill to produce that distinct aroma. The chicken breast is succulent and goes down well with the veg’s and sauce provided on the side.

Designer Beef Medallion with Maxim Potatoes alternated with vegetables.

The medallion-shaped chocolate brown beef sits amidst colourful vegetables and excites the senses with a look. A fork and knife into the beef reveals a well-done dish which when dipped into pepper gives a rather thrilling taste.

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Chocolate cake with mint sauce.
This dessert is a chocolate lover’s delight. It’s the kind of dessert that keeps the main thing the main thing. Dark chocolate with mint sauce and a strawberry on the side. There’s nothing else to distract from the dark sweetness of the chocolate. (Can’t say it enough.)

Fruit Dessert.

Sometimes the simplest desserts are the most pleasurable. The masterfully cut fruits; pineapple, oranges, watermelon, mangoes, apple and strawberry are served with yoghurt and strawberry sauce. Try each fruit with the different sauce for a different taste!

The cold dessert is a double espresso with vanilla ice-cream, cold milk, chocolate sauce and froth. It’s the right kind of sweetness to end a meal with.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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