#KlaRestaurantWeek: Endiro Coffee

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 5, 2016

Tucked away into a leafy corner of Kisementi is a cafe you might not know is there unless you are looking for it or have already been there before: Endiro Coffee. It takes its name from the Runyoro-Rutooro word directly translated to “where to eat from” and the papyrus woven baskets in which millet bread is traditionally served. Smaller versions of these baskets are also traditionally used to hold and serve coffee beans. Endiro has, over the years gained a reputation for their expertise in everything relating to coffee and they have made it a huge part of their exclusively designed menu for this year’s Kampala Restaurant Week from the 1st – 11th of June.

A stand-out item on the appetisers’ section of the menu is definitely the Carne Asada Crostinis with Single Origin Bukalasi Coffee.

Let us break this down for those to whom the above means nothing (which included us until we had it broken down).

Carne is Spanish for beef, while the asada part is a specific cut of steak (skirt, flank or flap) often grilled to medium rare and served in slices. A crostini is a small slice of toasted bread served with an assortment of toppings, which in this case is a layer of mango salsa and carne asada which is a delicious brown on the outside, gradually transitioning into a rich red centre. The earthy beef flavour and the sweet tangy mango contrast beautifully, with the crispy baguette neutralising as well as uniting them.

Every meal on this menu is paired with a coffee, this time a single-origin blend from Bukalasi.

The coffee is served dark and unsweetened so that its earthiness and acidity are not obscured, but complement the smokey steak and fruity flavours of the crostini.

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On to the next course, we have the Coffee-rubbed Pork Chop Sandwich with Coffee-candied Bacon and Grilled Pineapple.

The coffee is dry-rubbed with a marinade inspired by a Mexican mole sauce consisting of ground espresso, cocoa powder, paprika, cumin and salt, then glazed with honey, left overnight and finally grilled till all the pink is gone, but not all the juice. A thick, round pineapple slice is also honey-and-coffee-rubbed, then grilled till it is a little crispy. The bacon? Same story: glazed with a coffee-honey-chilli combination and grilled in its own fat. It is all assembled on a toasted ciabatta roll that somehow does not fall apart, with all the fat and juices soaking into it.

Pork and pineapple is a great combination (it can’t fail, the Hawaiian pizza is testament to that)

,but this smokey pork chop is enhanced by the sweetness of its own honey glaze and the complex sweetness of the charred pineapple. The coffee pairing for this is an iced espresso, which you start to realise is not just delicious, but handy at this point, helping as a digestive agent and keeping you awake after a heavy meal.

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Endiro also prides itself on its wide array of expertly blended juices and smoothies, referred to as Blendiros.

For dessert, Endiro has combined their great coffee with their great blendiros to bring you the Aztec Frozen Mocha made from espresso, cinnamon, chilli powder, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

This blendiro is served in a jam jar topped with a generous amount of whipped cream, garnished with cinnamon and chocolate shavings that seems to ooze out of the layers of dark and light brown chocolate below. The lighter layers are thick, creamy and chocolatey without being too sweet, while the dark layers pack a punch of heat and coffee flavoured bitterness that all comes together when you stir.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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