#KlaRestaurantWeek: Holy Crêpe

By Malcolm Bigyemano

April 29, 2016

Holy what? Crêpe: a thin pancake that is probably French in origin, and the speciality of the new restaurant at Kololo Hill Lane’s dazzling white 17 Apartments. “Holy Crêpe” is an appropriate response to both the view from up here and your first bite of anything on their menu. We had the pleasure of sampling a selection of dishes from their #KlaRestaurantWeek menu and giving you a preview of what they have in store from the 1st to the 11th of June.

Primo: To kick off your meal, we recommend Silver Dollar Pea Pancake, a starter consisting of pea pancakes, topped with smoked salmon and a fried quail egg.

Sure, we’ll slow down and not act like we didn’t just say pea pancakes.

The miniature green patties (patty because they are a little thicker than your average pancake) are composed of peas, so lightly mashed that you can still see their shape, feel their texture, and taste their slightly sweet earthiness. The strong, unapologetic flavour of peas is balanced by smoked salmon’s inherent saltiness and given a slight jolt by the combination of brie and cream cheese. This is all crowned by the fried quail egg, which is possibly the only kind of egg small enough to top this dainty starter, when made sunny-side-up. Quail eggs are high in protein and very healthy, but most importantly in this situation, quail eggs are very, well, cute.

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Secondo: Inspired by the Pixar animated film about a rat with skills in the kitchen, Holy Crêpe version of the Beggar’s Purse is stuffed with ratatouille and topped with a little Brie.

What is a Beggar’s’ Purse?

A crêpe is filled with *insert desired stuffing here* and knotted at one end like a little sack. No, the desired stuffing is not a computer generated rat chef, but the French dish he is named after. Ratatouille is a traditional French vegetable stew with the most prominent taste and texture coming from tomatoes and eggplant. In this not so sweet crepe, the Ratatouille’s flavour really stands out, complemented by the slowly melting Brie.

A slightly more meaty main and predicted crowd favourite is the Triple Dipped Fried Chicken And Waffles, another pancake-esque (crêpe) classic.

In the American South, what might sound like a counter-intuitive mix of salty and sweet, breakfast and dinner, is a well loved dish. The chicken is coated (repeatedly) with a spicy buttermilk butter and deep fried for a thick, crunchy layer of breading. The waffles, while not being too sweet, are dusted with a little icing sugar and have a heavy buttery taste that balances out the spicy, salty chicken.

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The Chicken and Waffles combination actually works precisely because of its counterintuitive balance of salty and sweet. Some prefer to offset this balance a little with a drizzle of honey or syrup; but Holy Crêpe’s savoury white gravy goes the other way, a risk you definitely will not regret.

Therso: Sitting at a crêperie with all manner of pancake / waffle based dishes, you are probably expecting something sweet and creamy, made from butter.

Which is why the Red Wine Poached Pear is such a delightful surprise.

The peeled pear is cooked for hours in red wine and cinnamon until they soak into and colour its outer flesh plum-red. When you cut into it though? White, with the pear’s inner flesh retaining its natural flavour. It is such a lovely contrast of colours and flavours, with the red wine and cinnamon turning into more than the sum of their parts; a thick, red, earthy, sweet juice that is neither wine nor cinnamon.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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