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#KlaRestaurantWeek: Java House

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 12, 2016

From humble beginnings in Nairobi, Java House recently opened up at Village Mall in Bugolobi and now has 4 branches in Kampala, not to mention 32 outlets in East Africa, Java House is kind of a big deal on the coffee scene. This year they bring a great breadth of knowledge and experience to #KlaRestaurantWeek, offering tried and tested favourites at exclusive prices from the 1st-11th of June. Yes, if you walk into any four Java House branches in Kampala, ask for the green menu and enjoy some of what we had the pleasure of sampling on your behalf. Ahem.

Wings are one of those things that most people (who eat meat) can agree on.

They have the tender flesh of drumsticks or thighs, are small enough to handle manually without getting too messy, make you work a little to enjoy them and in the case of Java House, are absolutely delicious. The chicken wings are pan-fried in a Creole Sauce with a base of tomato sauce and chillis for a thick, sticky, red coating, garnished with the green of spring onions. Enjoy the hot, savoury, and slightly sweet wings with a small, complementary side of chips.

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Do not pick up your cutlery just yet, in case you plan on having the Java House Spare Ribs.

A rack of very large ribs is presented on a bed of chips, each one glistening with the glaze of barbecue sauce you will undoubtedly be licking off your fingers.

Apart from the incredible dexterity it takes to get all the meat off a spare rib with a fork and knife, it is also much more weird to lick your cutlery than your fingers. Licking is inevitable with that sauce. The ribs, meticulously selected so they are neither too fatty, nor too bony, are dry-rubbed with a marinade made from mostly Cayenne pepper and brown sugar, then kept over-night, before being brushed with barbecue sauce and grilled.

The outer-most flesh on the ribs is glossy and slightly charred, due to the barbecue sauce, which enhances the smokey-sweet marinade that permeates and tenderises the ribs’ succulent flesh.

Though this main course is available with steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, grilled potatoes etc. as sides, chips are most highly recommended by the chef.

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For dessert, try the Chocolate Fudge Cake, an all-black dessert favourite.

Layers of medium sponge cake are separated by dark icing sauce known as Chocolate Ganache. Whereas other chocolate cakes such as the Red Velvet and the Black Forest attempt to neutralise their chocolate with whipped cream or mascarpone cheese, the Chocolate Fudge doubles down on its chocolatey notes with the sticky, dark, almost bitter ganache.

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Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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