Multi-mushroom Primavera with Parsley Rice
Egg Panacotta
Creamy Cheese Wrap

#KlaRestaurantWeek: Kabira Country Club

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 4, 2016

There are places in the world where “Country Club” means a suburban resort that does everything in its power to keep non-members out; including restricting sign-ups to recommendations by existing members. Mtseew.On the other hand, The Kabira Country Club in Bukoto is a suburban resort with a membership program, but it doesn’t have those bad manners of turning away paying non-members. That is why from the 1st to the 11th of June, you are welcome to feast on their exclusive offerings, some of which we previewed and tasted.

Starting off with the appetiser, we were presented with the Creamy Cheese Wrap.

Creamy Cheese Wrap

Inspired by spring rolls, this dish has a thin philo pastry stuffed with cheese, olives, jalapeño, and deep-fried to a light brown colour, and crispy thin exterior. When you bite into the crunchy roll, the pungent, stretchy cheese is well complemented by the salty olives and given a little heat by the chopped jalapeño. This starter is served with a side of tomato salad (better known as kachumbali) stuffed into an orange peel, bringing a slight sourness to the party and balance to the Force. Flavour. Balance to the flavour.

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There is a little something for everyone at the Kabira Country Club’s menu, including those who don’t need meat to eat. The Multi-mushroom Primavera with Parsley Rice

Kabira Country Club Multi-mushroom Primavera with Parsley Rice 2 #KlaRestaurantWeek

is a medley of mushrooms and vegetables tossed in a creamy sauce with a dash of Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco to add a sharp, smoky edge to it. A serving of parsley rice is shaped like a flower with a hollow centre, in which the mushroom sauce is served. It goes without saying that just because a dish is dubbed vegetarian, does not mean it can not be enjoyed by omnivores, this just means they have more options than the vegetarians do.

A more meaty option comes in the form of the Chicken Portfolio with a Garlic & Herb Sauce, served with rice, mashed potatoes and spinach. Portfolio?

Yes, the Portfolio is a combination of three cheeses; mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan.

The trio of cheeses is mixed with, rosemary, thyme and used to stuff the chicken breast which is simultaneously grilled and steamed.

Kabira Country Club Chicken Portfolio with a Garlic & Herb Sauce #KlaRestaurantWeek

As in, at the same time. The tender chicken breast is enhanced by the  piney hints of rosemary and pine. Remember the rice, mashed potatoes and spinach? Those are not three sides, they are three layers of one amazing side, that you might not have known worked so well together until you give this dish a shot.

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The Kabira Club desserts are well-loved classics with a slight twist that makes a world of difference. Take the Mango Cheesecake for example. You have your crumbly chocolate biscuit as a base, your thick creamy layer, and fresh mango for a little fruity flavour.

Kabira Country Club Mango Cheesecake #KlaRestaurantWeek

Plot twist: There is no cheese in this cheesecake.

What would have been cream cheese or mascarpone is instead substituted for yoghurt, egg yolk, sugar and gelatine, which you would not have guessed if we had not told you.

Another slight remix is the Egg Panacotta.

Kabira Country Club Egg Panacotta #KlaRestaurantWeek

 It makes sense when you see it, something like a hard-boiled egg from a sitcom where the food looks perfect but nobody touches it. The reason why it looks too good to be true? The white part is a mixture of fresh cream, sugar, butter, gelatine and mascarpone cheese. The “yolk”? Fresh mango puree that is a sharp, slightly tangy contrast to the slightly sweet, marshmallow-like “egg white”. It is served in a basket made from deep-fried spaghetti.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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