#KlaRestaurantWeek: Kati Kati

By Malcolm Bigyemano

April 29, 2016

Kati Kati, a former sports club on Lugogo Bypass has gained a well-earned reputation for their Indian food, and returns this Restaurant Week to flex their culinary credentials with a specially curated menu with everything from kebabs to pudding. We stopped by to try out a few of their excitingly presented dishes and to give you an idea of what they have in store when June finally comes around.

The appetisers at Kati Kati, though formulated as part of three-course meals, can also be enjoyed on  their own as light snacks that are spins on classic Indian favourites.

Take, for example the paneer stuffed with paneer, aptly named the Paneer Roll.

A long tube of cottage cheese, better known as paneer in Hindi is hollowed out and filled with finely grated cottage cheese infused with dania, green chilli, lemon and salt. The whole thing is covered in a yoghurt based masala and baked till its yellow is spotted with slight brown charring, chopped into large pieces and garnished with fried potato shavings. This is served with a sweet mint chutney in a hollow cucumber that contrasts the savoury dish with sweetness and zest.

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In case you crave something more meaty to start you off, the Chicken Shashlik is a non-vegetarian starter which consists of heavily marinated chicken roasted in a tandoori (traditional Indian oven) to an enticing red hue.

The word “Shashlik” refers to a kebab in most of Asia, and this appetiser’s dry, spicy finish is in keeping with spirit of kebab. It has all the flavour you would usually associate with chicken tikka masala, without the curry, and a much more distinctly smokey, slightly charred taste. This is served with a mint-based chutney and kachumbali.

The Magic Kebab is a spicy, heavily herbal combination of chicken, spinach and paneer.

The three main ingredients are blended, spiced and balled up into little patties before being fried. One can not miss the taste of dania, bay leaves and green cardamom which give each crispy, tender kebab a a sharp, piney flavour which is unsurprisingly a great match with the mint chutney served on the outside. This appetiser is a shock to the taste buds, preparing them for a flavour packed main course.

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Very intriguing is the sushi-looking Chicken Patiala, which gets its name from a city in North India.

Chicken is minced into a sort of sausage and wrapped in fried egg then cut into pieces sitting in a row between two sauces and garnished with cream. Does it all sound a little intense? It is. Makhini gravy, on the one side, is a tomato based sauce, while Mughla gravy is a cashew-nut based sauce. To experience the complex combination of flavours (light, salty egg; piney chicken, and both gravies), you probably have to eat each piece whole, filling your mouth with an amazing medley of textures and tastes.

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To finish your meal, try the Carrot Halwa, a traditional Indian favourite (popular through out the Middle East and the rest of South Asia).

Halwa is made from “tahini”, a paste much like peanut butter made from sesame seeds instead of peanuts. Grated carrot gives this halwa an eye-popping orange colour and coarse texture, while its flavour is a delicate balance of the sweet and the salty.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja


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