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#KlaRestaurantWeek: La Patisserie

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 6, 2016

The way Italians are renowned for pasta, Belgians are renowned for chocolate and pastries, which are abundant at Acacia Mall La Patisserie (French for “bakery” or “sweet shop”), but are not all they have up their sleeves. This year, they team up with their sister-restaurant, Le Chateau for a combined Kampala Restaurant Week menu. What does that mean? From the 1st to the 11th of June you can pop into either (or both) to enjoy a selection of Belgian dishes ranging from a form of deep-fried cheese to your very own muchomo stand. We had the pleasure of sampling three of these dishes to give you an idea of what to expect from them this June.

If starting your meal with something crispy, creamy and cheesy sounds appealing, you will love the Croquettes au Fromage.

La Patisserie #KlaRestaurantWeek Croquettes au Fromage

As you may know from that episode of Dexter’s Lab (or from actually speaking French), fromage is French for cheese, while croquette refers to almost anything edible, deep-fried with breadcrumbs. The pair of patties, coated with golden-brown breadcrumbs are almost entirely made up of Gruyere, a hard, yellow cheese named after a Swiss area of the same name. Cutting through the crispy exterior, molten cheese oozes out, with a flavour more pungent than cheddar and a thick, lumpy consistency. That, however, may not be the last you see of croquettes as you go on with your meal.

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Croquettes, of a different variety, have also been incorporated into the Supreme de Poulet Cowboy, a crowd favourite on the La Patisserie Menu.

You have probably seen the Spaghetti Western films where a couple of cowboys who have been riding all day set up a fire in a cave or on a rocky hillside overnight, with a piece of meat slowly roasted as it is suspended above the flames. That is probably where the Cowboy comes in.

Tender, charred, pieces of chicken, with peppers and tomato slices are skewered and suspended above a flaming trough that continues to slowly roast your meat until you desire to snuff it out.

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Beside the trough, on a rustic, wooden board, are a garden salad, mashed potato croquettes, and three sauces; a smoky-sweet barbecue sauce, a peppery mushroom sauce and a deceptively hot mayonnaise based sauce. This dish was launched at last year’s Restaurant Week to rave reviews and returns this year with a vengeance (and by “vengeance” we mean a side of mashed potato croquettes instead of chips).

As things seem to have gotten lit by the time you get to your second course, we recommend the Crepes Mikado to cool off.

La Patisserie #KlaRestaurantWeek Crepes Mikado

Two thin pancakes are used to sandwich a scoop of vanilla gelato, an Italian style ice-cream. The folks at La Patisserie are particularly proud of their ice cream that is so silky-smooth that when it melts and is frozen again,

it doesn’t get those ice crystals. You know the ones.

Though not too sweet itself, the gelato enhances the subtly flavoured crepes and is given a slightly bitter edge by a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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