Smoked Salmon and Avocado salad
Seared Chicken Breast
Lamb Rack
Tara’s Delight

#KlaRestaurantWeek: Liquid Silk

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 5, 2016

“Silk,” in Uganda, is a word more likely to be used to refer to boozy nights out than to clothing material. The brand has become synonymous with clubbing, live music events and almost every aspect of nightlife in Kampala except food. This year, Liquid Silk, a recent addition to the Silk brand is participating in the Kampala Restaurant Week with an exclusive menu we were able to sample and review.

Starting off, is the Smoked Salmon and Avocado salad.

Liquid Silk Main Smoked Salmon and Avocado salad 2 #KlaRestaurantWeek

In this particular case you should probably know, “smoked salmon” is code for raw fish, and it is not going to kill you, because of, well, the “smoked” part. We promise. Sort of.

The avocado, served with 1000 Island Sauce balances the sharp saltiness inherent to salmon. It is a classic combination that is hard to hate. Opting for something lighter? The Ginger Butternut Soup is a delicious shade of orange topped with a frothy cloud of creme. The butternut pumpkin-like flavour is boosted by the ginger’s pungent sweetness for a creamy, delightful broth.

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Remember the Elephants’ Graveyard in Lion King? (Stick with us here, it’s a stretch, but hang on) Now imagine those curvy ribs dressed with tender lamb meat; marinated in fresh herbs and roasted to a crisp on the outside and fleshy tenderness when cut into. The rack of lamb is very impressive.

Liquid Silk Main Lamb Ribs 2 #KlaRestaurantWeek

It is served with a sweet barbeque sauce consisting of pineapples, chilli sauce, tomato sauce and lots of peppers which contrasts the lamb’s dense, meaty, saltiness. As with all mains, it comes with either rice, roasted potatoes, french fries, chapatti, plantain and mashed potatoes.

The stuffed chicken thing is such a thing now that it is a little surprising, even daring, that Liquid Silk let the chicken breast speak for itself with the Seared Chicken Breast.

What you have is a double breast of chicken (that’s before they’re severed in two) grilled until the char lines show, giving it a smoky edge. This is placed atop a red cabbage and pineapple salad which beautifully contrasts the succulent, savoury chicken with the sweet crunch of natural fibre. It is recommended with mashed potatoes, but life is short and the list of side dishes is pretty impressive (read last paragraph).

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Vanilla ice cream pairs up well with a lot of things, and it shows on Liquid Silk’s dessert menu. It accompanies the Apple Pie; a puff pastry stuffed with caramelised apples, instead of the usual flat, round tart.

Liquid Silk Main Tara’s Delight #KlaRestaurantWeek

The pastry is firm and crumbly on the outside, concealing a treasure trove of apples with the sweet earthiness of cinnamon. Served hot, this dessert gains another dimension of deliciousness when enjoyed with ice cold vanilla ice cream.

Tara’s Delight, another dessert consisting of two slices of golden vanilla cake is served with vanilla ice cream in a paper thin pastry folded into a rose of sorts. The cake is soft, moist and rich, without being very sweet, which the ice cream easily makes up for.

Who is Tara, and what does she have to do with this dessert?

We could tell you, but we would rather you went to Liquid Silk and found out yourself this Restaurant Week.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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