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Trio of Cottage Cheese
Exotic Mango and Avocado Salad

#KlaRestaurantWeek: Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

By Malcolm Bigyemano

April 28, 2016

When people say they are going to Munyonyo, and do not specify where in Munyonyo they are going, it is often assumed it is to the resort formerly known as Speke; Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort . That is where you should be going too, from the 1st to the 11th of June, because as you have probably guessed, they are doing the things. As one of our fine dining participants, the Commonwealth Resort is offering an array of delicately assembled dishes with complex flavours and textures that we had the pleasure of previewing for you.

Start your meal on a light note with the Exotic Mango and Avocado Salad.

Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo #KlaRestaurantWeek Exotic Mango and Avocado Salad

A layer of thinly sliced tomatoes lies beneath a layer of little scoops of avocado, that are topped with a layer of tomato, that is topped with a layer of delicately scooped mango and crowned with brittle ring of parmesan and parsley. Mango and avocado are not exactly an intuitive combination, but the tomatoes bring together the slight sourness of pre-ripe mango and the fattiness of avocado.

For something a little more substantial, consider the Trio of Cottage Cheese.

Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo #KlaRestaurantWeek Trio of Cottage Cheese

A large tube of cottage cheese is cut into three, coated in three different sauces then baked in a tandoori and served with a topping of mint, coriander and yoghurt. One of the three sauces is spinach, with the slightly sour, herbal flavour of a mint and coriander medley; a savoury turmeric sauce; and the spicy tikka you might recognise from Chicken Tikka Masala. Enjoy the contrast between crunchy, spicy crust of the tikka pieces and their light-flavoured, soft insides.

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Getting into Main Course territory, we have a Ugandan twist on an Italian dish, the Cannelloni, a stuffed home-made pasta dish.

Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo #KlaRestaurantWeek Cannelloni

Pasta, before it is cut into spaghetti, macaroni or fettucine, is pretty much a sheet of dough that can be cut into little rectangles and cooked till firm enough to hold stuffing.

What stuffing? Bbuga!

The purplish-red ddodo indigenous to Uganda is mixed with mascarpone cheese and corn, then wrapped with the cannelloni stuffing and served with a creamy saffron sauce. Bbuga’s natural saltiness is a natural but unusual pair for the pasta which is lightly flavoured by olive oil and is a great match for the spicy saffron sauce.

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On the meatier side of things is the Stuffed Chicken Breast.

Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo #KlaRestaurantWeek Stuffed Chicken Breast

The chicken is prepared as a confit, the name for usually a leg of game cooked in its own fat, but does so using chicken breast in chicken fat. The cooked breast is hollowed out and stuffed with blanched spinach mixed with ricotta cheese and nuts. This is served with risotto, a creamy Italian rice dish with the unapologetic taste of white wine.

Amongst other things, the Orange Panna Cotta is a fetching way to end your dining experience on a high note.

Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo #KlaRestaurantWeek Orange Panna Cotta

The orange semi globe is covered by a sheen of glossy orange jelly and has a soft core of fresh cream cooked with orange tang and mascarpone cheese for texture. When you see the bright orange jelly, you might expect this dessert to be unabashedly sweet, but it instead is creamy, slightly sweet and subtly cheesy with hints of vanilla.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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