#KlaRestaurantWeek: Mythos Greek Taverna & Lounge

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 10, 2016

They are known for many things; excellent mixology, great ambience to hang out after hours and a Congolese buffet on Sundays, but most of all, Mythos is the sole outpost for Greek food in Uganda. Mythos IS Greek food in Uganda, and serves as the benchmark by which those who have had it nowhere else make their judgement on Greek cooking in general. No pressure. It is a huge responsibility, but one they are more than equal to. This means that from the 1st to the 11th of June, Mythos will also be the sole representative of Greek cuisine in #KlaRestaurantWeek. We were able to sample some of the dishes on their Restaurant Week menu to give you an idea of what they will have in store.

First, the Baked Garides Saganaki.


Let us clear a few things up before we go far. Garides is Greek for prawns while Saganaki refers to a style of cooking, especially appetisers, that involves pan-frying in a small skillet.

The prawns are baked on their own, then stir-fried in a rich, spicy, tomato and feta sauce. The slightly sour tomato and lightly flavoured feta are excellent buffers for the spices which enhance the prawns’ fishy pungency. We know, we know. Seafood is often given the side-eye in these parts, but we encourage people to try it out for themselves, and if they happen to hate it, to do so from an informed perspective. Thank us later, because you will probably love it.

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Chicken breast wrapped around spinach or some other vegetable is popular for obvious reasons; contrast mildly flavoured chicken fillet with something with a fresh salty bite and you are golden. Mythos takes this principle and switches it up to bring us the Chicken Breast Stuffed With Smoked Salmon.

Chicken breast is sautéed and roasted then wrapped around smoked salmon, sliced up and served with a creamy grated avocado sauce. The sharp saltiness of salmon cuts through the slightly charred chicken and combines with the slight tang in the avocado sauce for a light, edgy and meaty mouthful. Enjoy it with a side of buttery basmati rice.

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Finally, to close your three-course Greek experience, try the Traditional Homemade Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice-cream. Unlike most other apple pies with plain or lattice style pastry baked over the surface, this is an open-faced tart with a very thin base.

The apples themselves are mixed with honey and cinnamon, for a smoky-sweet flavour and glazed with a layer of honey all over the top. Whereas the appeal of apple pie has traditionally been the combination of sweet apple filling and buttery pastry, it is here reworked to focus on the apples. It is apples-on-apples on apples, without the tart base calling much attention to itself, but simply holding all the apples together. Add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to the picture and relish the hot and cold contrast of this classic dessert.

You may find Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge at:
Plot 18 Impala Road. Kampala
Tel: +256 790 916 183

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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