Fanned Avocado with Cocktail Dressing
Mexican Chicken Tortilla Wrap
Coconut Curried Nile Perch Served with Steamed Basmati Rice

#KlaRestaurantWeek: Piato Restaurant

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 5, 2016

Just around the corner from each other are two restaurants that probably often have patrons trying to go to the other accidentally dining with them: Piato and Il Patio. It is an easy mistake to make, but only the former shall be participating in this year’s Kampala Restaurant Week. Piato put together an exclusive menu for the 1st to the 11th of June and we got to preview a few of their dishes so you know what they have in store.

Fish/ seafood, with avocado and cocktail dressing (tomato sauce, mayonnaise, n’ebigenderako) is a reliable combination, but does it work as well when you take the fish/ seafood out of the equation? Yes, because Piato’s Fanned Avocado with Cocktail Dressing is a simple, delicious, not to mention beautiful appetiser with its light green and light pink pastel colour combination.

In theory, the eggy flavour of mayonnaise is similar to avocado, but the tomato sauce and (in this case) Tabasco kick this salad’s flavour points up a notch. Is it a salad? Well, it’s cold, it’s got some fruit, it’s got some dressing, it’s a salad.

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As you delve into the second course of your meal, try the Mexican Chicken Tortilla Wrap. The tortilla part of this equation is a flat bread, a lot like chapatti except that it is fried without oil (wonders never end), and therefore marginally healthier. The chicken tenders it wraps around is is cooked in a tomato based sauce with bell peppers, mixed herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary etc.) and chilli.

When you bite into it, you are greeted by a bit more heat and moisture than expected thanks to the chipotle sauce which is here made with a mayonnaise base, tomato sauce, cayenne peppers and Worcestershire sauce for a smoky, sweet edge. The soft, dry, flour sprinkled tortilla holds together the moist, salty, spicy chicken mix competently so that the delicious wrap does not decompose into a delicious mess.

Another equally delicious option for for the main course is the Coconut Curried Nile Perch Served with Steamed Basmati Rice. Good taste is not a democracy and the fact that Tilapia is the most popular fish in Uganda, yet Nile Perch has more moisture, a stronger flavour and easier bones to pick is testament to this. Here, Nile Perch fillet is only grilled with a little seasoning of salt and pepper, rather than herbs so as not to obscure its flavour; it is finally strategically plated so you can taste the fish with and without curry.

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The coconut curry itself is made with a base of coconut milk, flour for thickness, turmeric for colour, and of course, garam and jeera masala, for curry street cred. It is, altogether, a thick,spicy curry with the heavy flavour of coconut milk; a fish of the river coming together with a recipe from the coast coming together in the best way.

Finally, the Double Chocolate Truffle is a worthy way to close an excellent meal. Here we have two types of chocolate; white chocolate and dark chocolate melted, mixed with gelatine, glucose syrup and fresh cream, chilled and then topped with whipping cream and a cherry.

Fun fact: white chocolate isn’t really chocolate.

Its only claim to chocolate is containing cocoa butter, which like Ugandans tying on Lupita Nyong’o’s success, is a bit of a stretch. The white chocolate’s sweetness balances out the dark chocolate’s bitterness, for a well-balanced truffle with the soft, shaky texture of panacotta.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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