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#KlaRestaurantWeek: Pineapple Bay

By Malcolm Bigyemano

April 28, 2016

This year Kampala Restaurant Week is looking beyond the city’s borders to bring you exquisite dining experiences from as far as Bulago Island. As you ease into Pineapple Bay, you see Moroccan style buildings and cottages in the water awash in a pinkish-orange Provençal hue. Oh, and there is a crocodile slithering in the water along the shore just to keep things interesting. The resort is serving up more than breath-taking vistas and rustic decor with a selection of dishes from pink soup shooters to dessert in nests and we had the pleasure of previewing (and pre-tasting) them.


Kick off your meal with a Shot Of Gaspacho,

which is a Spanish soup that is especially popular in warmer months. The combination of tomato and basil that makes for a taste akin to Bolognaise sauce which is neutralised and has its consistency thickened by cucumber. Served in a shot glass, it is accompanied by bread-sticks and any two of Pineapple Bay’s signature dip trio; pea hummus, guacamole and tzaziki (a Greek spiced yoghurt mix).

For a starter with a little more fibre, opt for the Equatorial Waldorf Salad.

While the original Waldorf is a salad with chicken, walnuts and grapes, this local spin incorporates chicken, pineapple, mango, cashew nuts and a zesty white salad that balances the salad’s sweetness and nuttiness.

When dining at a lake-side resort, fish may seem like the intuitive choice for your main course, and the Swahili Fish is certainly a delicious choice.

Half a coconut is lined with a green banana leaf, filled with fish curry and garnished with a sprig of parsley and an eye-popping red chilli. The spicy, creamy sauce has the light colour of thai green curry and the coconut heavy flavour of the African East coast.

Ugandans (who are not muslims) have often been stereotyped as lovers of pork, which will not be helped by Pineapple Bay’s roasted Crispy Pork Belly.

The belly of pork which is more fatty and tender than the rest of the pig is slowly oven-roasted as it is steamed for 6-7 hours so that it has an almost crispy top layer and much more tender bottom. This dish does not need much more marinade than mudalasin and bay leaves to enhance the pork’s inherent saltiness. It is served with braised red cabbage infused with cumin, sugar, wine and apple cider for a subtly sweet and slightly zesty flavour to go up against the salty pork.

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Vegetarian? Yes? No? The Vegetable Tagliatelle is for you even if you are not.

Tagliatelle is a flat, long noodle that looks like strips of pale white tape, made on site every day so that its fresh ingredients are discernible in its taste.

The tagliatelle is boiled, but never over-cooked, till it gains a firmer texture and mixed in with a combination of basil and rocket pesto that gives it a lingering herbal flavour. The dish is finished off with the ever essential parmesan cheese.

As you wind down your meal, try the Creme Caramel in a Nest, a dessert that tastes as dark and complicated as it looks.

A couple of eggs are whipped into a little milk with vanilla to make the soft, wobbly créme that is drenched in a caramel sauce made from sugar cooked so long that it is smokier than it is sweet. The brittle nest that surrounds it was sugar in its past life. A little simpler (and by that we mean simply delicious) is the Lemon Tart. A wide, thin slice of light tart pastry is topped with a sweet and subtly bitter, soft, smooth upper layer of butter served cold.

#KlaRestaurantWeek Travel Plan

Enjoy the tropical Three (3) Course Meal at only UGX 65,000 with boat transfers for the week at only $30pp to and from the Island for a group of 6. Bed and Breakfast Rate $115 pp sharing if you’d like to stay over. Reservations: +256 414 251 182 or

Photography: Sarah Bernabe

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