#KlaRestaurantWeek: Pizza Connection

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 6, 2016

Located on the second floor of Oasis Mall, Pizza Connection is not just a pizzeria. We repeat, Pizza Connection is more than just a pizzeria. It is a lot like how DJ Khaled is a record producer, occasional vocalist, entrepreneur, Snapchat Guru and Keeper of The Keys, but simply goes by “DJ”. It is an Italian restaurant that serves up a variety of Italian dishes, one of the most popular so happening to be pizza. Taking part in the Casual Dining category of this year’s Kampala Restaurant Week, Pizza Connection is serving up an exclusive menu of dishes, that does not include pizza.

Let us begin with the Arrostocini di Capra con Insalata di Stagione. Do not be intimidated. This appetiser comprises of goat’s meat on a skewer, served with a garden salad.

Arrostocini is a style of roast from Abruzzo, the hilly South Eastern region of Italy inundated with goats. The goat’s meat is seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, then grilled to a dark tenderness. The stagione is made with soft lettuce, seasonal vegetables, camembert (a rich, soft cheese) and drizzled with a dressing made with vinegar and mustard for a refreshing salad that cleans the palette and prepares you for the main course.

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For the main course, you may opt for the Rotolino di Pollo, Spinaci e Fontina in Salsa di Mostarda  which is chicken breast with blanched spinach and fontina, a cheese popularly used in sandwiches because of how easily it melts.

The spinach and cheese are rolled into the chicken and fried in butter, then finished in the oven and served with a dijon mustard sauce. The cheese seems to melt into the chicken which is a nice shade of brown on the outside; as the dense pocket of spinach, boiled lightly to preserve its flavour and texture gives the chicken dish most of its salty flavour. The stuffed chicken is served with dijon mustard sauce which is bitter with a subtle bitterness, giving it an overall more dynamic flavour profile.

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The final dish, a cheesecake, gives us a more Americanised version of the originally Italian dessert. What makes an American cheesecake any more different from an Italian cheesecake?

The base for one. Whereas Italian cheesecake is usually prepared with a tart lining it, American cheesecakes, like this one right here, use a layer of crumbled biscuits as the base. The creamy white cheese mass is also punctuated by chocolate chips and topped with a layer of chocolate. As you scoop a mouthful of it, you can feel the richness of the cheesecake’s structure, but are not overwhelmed by its sweetness. The Pizza Connection cheesecake balances the sweet and the cheese so well that the resulting flavour becomes its own thing entirely.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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