#KlaRestaurantWeek: Pizza Hut

By Malcolm Bigyemano

May 27, 2016

There are pizzerias who build their identity around the fact that each Margherita pizza they make is a little different; their appeal coming from their eccentricity- every pie is a gamble. Pizza Hut is not one of those pizzerias. The international franchise prides itself on speed, consistency, and, of course, deliciousness. Having recently opened at Village Mall, they are hitting the Ugandan market with a bang which, amongst other things, means participating in Kampala Restaurant Week from the 1st-11th of June. We had a chance to sample some of what they have to offer, starting our session off with the Cheesy Fries.

A common misunderstanding is that just because pizza is their focus, it is also their main business.

Pizza Hut’s chips are long, thin and firm; lightly coated in potato starch so as to retain their crunch. After frying, the chips are sprinkled with a savoury blend of spices and finally drenched with a gooey parmesan-based cheese mix. The pungent cheese and salty-savoury chips are an excellent pair, contrasting crispy and soft, while enhancing each other’s flavours. Another great way to introduce yourself to Pizza Hut’s offerings, however, is with the Garlic Twists.

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Do not be fooled, boys and girls. Though its name may not suggest it and it definitely does not look like it, the Garlic Twist has a pizza’s soul.

The glistening, brown, mini-croissant looking appetisers are in fact reconstructed from pizza dough. How, you ask. A piece of dough is cut into the triangular shape of a pizza slice and then topped with mozzarella and garlic before it is folded into itself and baked. Voila! Mozzarella, as you will notice at some point, is Pizza Hut’s go-to cheese for its ease of melting and subtly salty flavour which does not over impose itself. Rip apart a garlic twist and you are struck by the strong aroma of garlic steaming out of the warm pastry pocket before you take a bite into its cheesy goodness. Having indirectly enjoyed Pizza Hut’s pizza essentials in another form, let us get into what we all came here for, with the Pepperoni Friendship Pizza.

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Friendship What? Well, the Friendship Pizzas are a package consisting of a medium pizza (either pepperoni or Margherita) with 2 accompanying sodas, and a side of chips for 25,000 shillings.

It is designed for more than one person, but there is no shame in devouring it on your own. Life is short. Do you like an extra-thick base, or ? You can get your pizza with the base of your choice. We tried the Pepperoni Pizza as a deep-dish pie, which had a thicker base with a subtly buttery flavour. The pepperoni has a layer of a top secret proprietary tomato sauce, topped with an abundance of mozzarella dripping off the edges and, of course, pepperoni. The rings of pepperoni charred at the edges so that they rise to form crimson cups are made from 100% halaal beef (as are all meat products) and boast of a sharp saltiness that cuts through the pizza’s cheesy deluge.

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Though prepared on a thinner, traditional base, there are few pizzas less traditional than the Tandoori Paneer Vegorama.

Yes, Tandoori as in the Indian oven, a nod to the thick, spicy curries that have come to define Indian cuisine world-wide. Paneer, as you probably know, is a spongy, white cottage cheese. The Vegorama? A medley of mushrooms, peppers, chillies and kalamata olives. To be clear, the tomato sauce is gone. Switch that up for a spicy orange tandoori sauce imported from India that oozes out from under the layer of melted mozzarella with your first bite. The cottage cheese itself does not melt easily and seems mostly unfazed by the heat, unlike the mozzarella, but they both serve to neutralise the strong flavours and heat from the sauce and the peppers, making for an exciting, but well rounded meal. However, that is not as left-field as Pizza Hut pizzas go. Meet the Chocolate Bomb.

If it has neither cheese, nor tomato sauce, Is it a pizza? Is it a tart? Is it both? Is it neither? Well, the Chocolate Bomb is classified as a dessert pizza, prepared in the deep-dish style, whose dough boasts of an appropriately buttery flavour. The little brown and white  bits you see filling and topping it are chocolate chips; both dark milk chocolate and white chocolate which are baked to the verge of melting and finished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Enjoy the thick layer of slightly charred chocolate as it immediately melts in your mouth, combined with the bready deep-dish dough for a fitting way to end your Pizza Hut experience.

Pizza Hut is located on Village Mall Bugolobi.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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