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#KlaRestaurantWeek: Prunes

By Malcolm Bigyemano

April 21, 2016

Prunes, on Wampewo Avenue, is probably best known as a brunch location, but their fare goes far beyond breakfast foods and this is no more evident than on their Restaurant Week menu. They bring us a wide variety of innovative dishes from stuffed eggplant and tortilla wrapped spring rolls to rice burgers and we sampled a few dishes to give you a snippet of what they have to offer from the 1st to the 11th of June.

The Appetizers.

If you are on Instagram, you have probably seen this at some point: an aerial shot of a plate of toasted whole wheat bread with all-too-symmetrical slices of vividly green avocado garnished with nuts and/ or honey and served on a chopping board (because plates are too mainstream) with white rose petals for no reason #brekkie #healthy #nomnomnom.

If you never thought to bring this Instagram meme to life yourself, the good folks at Prunes have done it for you with this crunchy light appetiser.

The crispy fresh toast and cold, smooth avocado bring more texture than flavour, but are well covered for by the sprinkling of very strong-tasting goat cheese and the sweet contrast of honey. Not only is this none-too-filling breakfast-like experience a great way to start off the day, but also a great way to kick off a hearty three-course meal any time of the day. #foodporn

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Another great appetizer comes in form of the Taquitos, a spring-roll like contraption filled with cajun spiced vegetables deep fried and served with a sweet/ spicy dip. If the name brings tacos to mind, it is because the pastry in which the veggies are fried is a tortilla wrap instead of the almost paper thin stuff usually used for spring rolls, which gives it a thicker body without sacrificing the crunch you may expect. As you bite into it and taste the herbaceous vegetable flavour, you may be surprised by the melty cheddar cheese and will definitely enjoy the dip’s added dimension of sweetness.

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The Mains.

Sometimes the eyes eat before the mouth does, and the stuffed eggplant is definitely laden with optical nutrition. The eggplant is stuffed with mixed meat and wrapped in a salty pastry, deep fried till flaky and halved with the stalk left intact, sticking up into the air. The two eggplant halves are surrounded by a moat of tomato and basil based sauce punctuated with beautiful black olives that combines well with the minced meat for a sensation reminiscent of bolognese sauce without pasta.

Another meaty main comes in the form of the coffee-rubbed steak. What? Yes, 200 grams of lean beef fillet marinated with ground Prunes signature coffee chilli powder, paprika, oregano, coriander, and ginger. Yes, it tastes as explosive as it sounds, with an immediate blast of chilli before the smokey, spicy and flavour sets in.

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The meat thing is not really your thing? Prunes has that covered with the rice burger. Unlike the ramen burger that utilised two-minute noodle cakes as buns, this uses rice cakes with eye-catching black sim-sim seeds for buns and filled with seasoned lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, mayonnaise and a layer of fresh guacamole. Enjoy the crunchy, light sandwich as you ponder what makes a burger a burger. Is it still a burger without bread or a patty? Wonders never end.


Finally, the chocolate bomb is a great way to conclude your three-course Prunes experience. It is a martini glass filled with quartered chocolate brownie cubes, vanilla ice-cream, and caramel sauce. Is the “bomb” part because the martini glass evokes Cold War, James Bond vibes or because its taste is the bomb? You decide. The salty-sweet contrast in the brownies is enhanced by the sweet vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce, for a well-balanced finish that should not leave you with a toothache.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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  1. Godfrey Laneck says:

    It is amazing to be at Prunes Restaurant. Everything is wonderful here. Thanks for your remarkable hospitality.

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