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#KlaRestaurantWeek: Sheraton Kampala Hotel Seven Seas Restaurant

By Malcolm Bigyemano

April 21, 2016

The Seven Seas Restaurant will be the scene of this year’s Kampala Restaurant Week at the Sheraton Hotel serving up a delectable selection of dainty but surprisingly filling meals. Rousing the age old question of what constitutes fine dining, The Seven Seas serves up a range of delicately balanced meals that are beautiful to behold, aromatic, and of course, delicious exclusively available from the 1st to the 11th of June.

Let us start with the soup; a chilled Salmajero with quail egg, olive oil infusion, smoked thyme croutons and prosciutto. The Salmarejo soup is a Spanish export made from eggs, bread, tomatoes and olive that manifests into a thick orange broth. The soup gets its colour as well as its slight sour aftertaste from the tomatoes and eggs (think mayonnaise’s subtle tangy affectations).

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Though soups are renowned for their warming capacity in cold weather, the Salmarejo is best served cold, and can be thoroughly refreshing on a hot day, especially considering its sharp flavour. To boot, a few paper-thin slices of prosciutto (a dry-cured ham) served on the side complement the dish with a salty edge and the thyme infused croutons contribute a little crunch.

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Moving on, we have the Sweet Corn and Lobster Terrine, a starter accompanied by a bevvy of bite-sized edibles and droplets of sauce arranged and served like an abstract painting on a ceramic platter. The central part of the dish is the terrine, a thin layered block with lobster and leek which dominate its flavour profile but is sandwiched by sweet corn and cheese that balance the taste of the sea with a little salty sweetness. It is topped with a black olive tapenade, a little black lump of olive-based saltiness that pushes the terrine’s well-balanced flavour out of its comfort zone.

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Served with the terrine is a little tuna carpaccio, light pink slices of fresh raw tuna coated in coriander and eaten with the tomato puree and avocado mustard cream that disguise the raw flavour, but never impede its fleshy texture. Are you wondering about the little translucent cubes? Proseco jelly; made from champagne and salt, it is subtly salty with a distinct wine-like after taste which is an especially delightful surprise if one usually associates jelly with unbridled sweetness.

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Does it seem like a lot? It is and it isn’t. As a three course meal, these dishes add up to a substantially filling experience.

Though the quantities are not massive, the catalogue of flavours with every dish is expansive and detailed so that every bite is a complex mouthful.

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Take the crunchy spinach and ricotta pie; a round, light green mound layered on top of a round piece of whole wheat bread and served with dehydrated yoghurt and cherry tomatoes. The ricotta (Italian for “young cheese”), unsalted but pungent combines very well with the light sourness of the dehydrated yoghurt balls coated in crumbly dehydrated olives that look like caviar. A mouthful of the entire thing.

Just in case you are starting to think this menu seems a little light on the meat side, take a look at the salt-crusted beef fillet with baby carrots, green beans and Pomme Anna. The tower of boneless beef atop a puddle of mushroom puree is marinated in salt and egg white then grilled till medium rare. it is served with thin slices of potato fried in butter known as Pomme Anna, Velouté sauce and a lovely onion jam which is as sweet as it is pungent.

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Finally, the dessert. A banana tart with white and dark chocolate mousse, almond syrup, cookie crumble and crystallised mint. Crystallized mint? That is correct, the little green leaves that garnish this dish are a lot more brittle than they look, giving the sweet herbal mint leaf a crispy edge. But back to the tart, it is a multilayered combo of glazed bananas between white chocolate mousse and black chocolate mousse, all on a foundation of buttery dough. Altogether, it is a wonderful mixture of the sweet, the bitter and the buttery to finish off what is a much more filling meal than appearances may suggest.

The Seven Seas Restaurant is open daily for lunch between 1pm and 3:30pm and Dinner 6:30pm till late.

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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