#KlaRestaurantWeek: Tamarai Thai

By Joel Ntwatwa

April 21, 2016

Most people might generalise Thai cuisine for hot food. It essentially is. In fact, the only non-spicy Thai food you can order in Thailand would be mai pet which translates to “single chili”. However, despite its piquancy, Thai food offers quite a variety of tastes in different arrangements. Tamarai Thai certainly remains Kampala’s Thailand stand in, not only offering a Thai taste but overall a Pan-Asian cuisine. It has a well-stocked tea bar and serves up scintillating cocktails (rightly so, it won the inaugural Kampala Cocktail Week People’s Choice Award!). Below are the dishes they’ll be offering in this three-course edition of Kampala Restaurant Week.


Fish cakes.
You might mistake them for kabalagala (pancakes) because of the brown texture. However, Tamarai’s fish cakes are a deep fried paste of herbs, spices, and pounded fish. What you get is a chewy starter with hints of chili and sugar at the same time.

Chicken Satay.

These are skewers of spicy golden brown chicken that are marinated in peanut sauce. Laced with chili and garlic, you enjoy a curried taste as you bite into the soft chicken. Don’t wait for these to get cold, they are great when served hot.

Spring Rolls.
A very popular snack on the streets of Bangkok, spring rolls are a light crunchy snack consisting of vegetables rolled up in dough and fried.


Rendang with Matooke.

Rendang originally is a beef dish that comes from West Sumatra in Indonesia. Tamarai Thai’s version is made with pork and sautéed in different spices and served with peanut sauce. It has a very distinct cinnamon taste that I never thought could be enjoyed with the matooke it’s served with. This is a star meal. One you should definitely try because it gives you a new enjoyment of matooke outside the usual salty sauces it goes with. Plus the pork is tender and maintains its individual taste while giving allowance to the spices.

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Lobster in Singapore Pepper Sauce.
Tamarai Thai always offer diversity. The Lobster in Singapore Pepper Sauce is for those willing to try out some sea food. The pepper sauce is made with a variety of peppers, coriander and onions and gives a tanginess that goes well with the lobster. This is a great meal for those whose palates are bored of the same old tastes.

Grilled Chicken Breast with Brown Sauce and French Fries.

A moist and tender serving of chicken breast fresh from grill and served with brown sauce, fries and brown rice. It’s a very filling meal with distinct spicy flavours such as  parsley, pepper and garlic.


Mango Sticky Rice.

I didn’t expect the flavour that came with this. The sticky rice is placed in the middle of a heart-shaped arrangement of mango slices and doused with coconut milk.The texture of the rice is very rubbery but not un-chewable which makes it more gratifying. When the mango and the rice with the coconut come together, it’s a lovely sweet taste in the mouth!

Photography: Julius Caesar Kasujja

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