Restaurant Review: Mythos Greek Taverna & Lounge

By Martyn Tumwesigye

September 1, 2014

Mythos is a Greek word that means ‘Myth’ in the English language and according to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Myth is described as a set of beliefs or assumptions about something. Step into Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge. Opened on 22nd December, 2013, Mythos is the ‘new kid on the block’ on the Kampala food & restaurant scene. The folks at Mythos, as I will refer to it in this article, have created not only a myth but an oasis of authentic Greek cuisine right in the heart of Kampala City. Mythos is not solely a Greek restaurant, it also doubles as a premium cocktail bar.

Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge Uganda

Located in a pristine part of the Upper Kololo area on Plot 18, Impala Road, Mythos boasts of being the only Greek restaurant in Kampala. On entrance into the gates at Mythos, you stare up a cul-de-sac road that leads to their secure parking lot. As you drive through to the parking lot, to your left is the main entrance into the restaurant. Their hospitality begins right at the door as you are welcomed into the light and airy space by someone in the welcome booth on your right and to your left is a short staircase that leads into the restaurant. As you go down the stairs, to your left is the Mythos’ open kitchen, to your right is their premium cocktail bar and straight ahead is the airy and open main dining area/ restaurant.

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Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge UgandaThe decor and setup in the dining area is simple and characterized by a blue/white theme made to mirror the colors of the Greek flag. It is inviting, open and comfortable and the vaulted ceiling, draped with a billowing white canopy, has a transparent roof right at the center which lets in a lot of natural light into the dining area, beaming straight into the fountain. The Greek style pillars that hold the roof of the dining area are whitewashed and there are accents of Mediterranean blue, in an interior that evokes the feeling of dining outdoors.

To your left, depending on where you are seated in the dining area, are the two VIP dining areas cordoned off for those that demand privacy. “The VIP1 area seats small groups of people strictly from 4 people while the VIP2 area seats large groups of people and is convenient for private parties, meetings and is strictly accessed by booking.” explained Dedan Ochele, Manager of Mythos.

The dining area with its white washed ceiling, simple décor and Greek-style architecture has a nautical feel plus a casual spirit to it that makes it perfect for business lunches, informal meetings or dinner dates.

Greek Cusine

“We don’t do International Cuisine; perhaps just ‘a touch’ of international cuisine but most of our food is strictly Greek cuisine. Our clients who are not familiar with Greek cuisine should note that Greek cuisine doesn’t include any spices and almost all Greek foods are served with lemon.” said Dedan Ochele the manager of Mythos.

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The starter menu ranges from as low as 9,000 UGX for a Potato Salad, to as high as 75,000 UGX for Mythos’ Special Meze, which is a selection of Chef Yiannis’ favorite meze. Served with 4 shots of Ouzo, an apéritif, Taramosalata, Tzatziki, Tahinosalata, Greek Salad, Aubergine Salad, Halloumi, Kalamari, Pork Keftedes (or Beef Souvlaki). The Special Meze is recommended for large groups since it can be shared between 4 people. For the vegetarians, the Greek Village Salad which is freshly cut onion, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, olives and green peppers comes highly recommended and costs 17,000 UGX.
Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge Uganda

Main Course

The main course section on their menu comprises of three sections: There is the Souvlaki (Meat) section. For those not familiar with Greek style cuisine, Souvlaki or Souvlakia (Plural), refers to Greek fast food consisting of pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on skewers.

The Souvlaki section ranges from as low as 27,000 UGX for Chicken, Beef and Pork Souvlaki to 30,000 UGX for Pork Chops and is served with your choice of French Fries, Parsley Potatoes, Baked potato or Basmati Rice, depending on your preference.

Next is the Fish Selection which ranges from 27,000 UGX for a Grilled Nile Perch which is a 200g grilled Nile Perch Fillet marinated with Mythos’ Greek seasoning, to 35,000 UGX for Grilled Kalamari which is a 200g grilled squid marinated with Greek seasoning.

Finally is my favorite choice on the main course menu: the Greek Specialties. They range from as low as 26,000 UGX for a Spinach & Feta Cheese Pie which is suitably recommended for vegetarians and it comprises of a blend of Spinach, Feta Cheese and herbs wrapped with Filo Pastry which is served hot, to 35,000 UGX for Lamb Kleftiko which comprises of a leg of lamb, potatoes with Greek seasoning cooked over time in the oven. It comes highly recommended and can be washed down with a glass of red wine.


The light Greek deserts cost as low as 5,000 UGX for Yiaourtokrema  which comprises of Cream of yoghurt served with honey and chopped pistachio nuts. Do make it a point to taste their very sweet Baklava N which is traditional nuts and honey filo pastry baked in the oven, served with plain or vanilla ice cream and costs 7,000 UGX.

Saturday evenings they have a special eat-all-you-can theme going on at the restaurant for Cypriot Souvlakia and it costs 35,000 UGX.

Sundays they have a sumptuous Congolese Buffet titled Sunday Specials which costs 35,000 UGX. As Dedan Ochele explained, they came up with this special buffet because they wanted to keep grounded in their African culture while at the same time introducing something new on the Kampala food scene, and thus in honor of their Greek and Congolese heritage, they invite you to join them with your family and friends to taste their Sunday Lunch Dishes.

Each Sunday Special buffet includes one of these three Congolese cuisine meals: Congolese Chicken Mwamba which is the National Dish of D.R. Congo, Cypriot Souvla (BBQ) Xoriatki or Congolese Kuku Yia Kalanga.

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Cocktail Bar

The logic behind the setup at Mythos is that the dining area is strictly for those interested in dining while the Cocktail bar is for those who want to pop in for a drink or a quick work session over a cup of coffee as you take advantage of their relatively fast Wi-Fi. Although Dedan Ochele was quick to explain to me that they are flexible “Obviously if it so happens that the bar is full of revelers then some of our clients would have to use the dining area”.
Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge UgandaThe architecture and design of the bar is heavy with Greek décor and memorabilia, a 60 inch TV screen to offer different entertainment options and the bar which is stocked with premium Liqueurs. The bar is flanked by pillowed sofas and exotic furniture and leather seats that offer different seating options for those that don’t want to sit at the bar counter.

As international music plays at the bar, Dedan Ochele introduces me to one of the bar men, Joel Lonjamae who I am told is Uganda’s Master Bar Tender after he won an awards show earlier this year as the best bar man in Uganda. His ‘secret’, he tells me is speed, the perfect serve, perfecting the art of making cocktails supplemented by passion and experience.

Need to Know

Mythos is open Monday – Sunday from 11am till the last customer leaves at night which is normally way past midnight.

Getting There

Mythos Greek Taverna & Lounge
Plot 18, Impala Road, Kololo.

From Wampewo Avenue, make your way past MTN Center (Nyonyi Gardens) and turn to your right  slope down 100 metres and make a turn on your left on Impala Avenue and in-between The Lawns and Nanjing Restaurant still on your left hand side is Mythos.

To keep up with the latest happenings or to make a reservation at Mythos:
Mobile: +256 (0) 790 916 183/ +256 (0) 793 999 666
Like them on Facebook:

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