Pardis Restaurant; Persian food with a touch of class

By Martyn Tumwesigye

February 26, 2013

Quite often you read a restaurant review that describes the experience of being at the restaurant as ‘out of this world’, maybe it’s a little human exaggeration, maybe not. Either way, any decent restaurant worth its name will always have a ‘wow’ factor; something that sets it apart.
Talk of Pardis restaurant; nestled in Upper Kololo Terrace at the corner of Phillip Road and Mabua Road (Plot No. 12 to be exact), and many are thinking of garden city. Not to be confused, Pardis Kololo is a sister branch of Pardis Garden City food court. Pardis means Paradise in Persian thus the name of the Restaurant.

The restaurant has been in operation for less than a year having opened its doors to the public last year (2012) around May and it’s fair to note that it offers an earthly, classy, executive, fairly priced, Middle Eastern dining experience.

What leaves an impression on your mind when you visit Pardis restaurant is the level of customer care and food quality. It’s in very few restaurants that you get to even have a glimpse of the boss.

At Pardis Mrs. Narges Salmani (proprietor and manager) takes it upon herself to welcome every visitor that enters the place. Talk of a wow factor, and there, you have it.

The restaurant itself is nothing fancy but at the same time it’s so simple, exquisite, and more of an open restaurant with lots of natural light and breeze to ensure a fine dining experience as Middle Eastern songs play in the background.

“I got the design concept from the garden of the house. The design is purely respecting the existing trees in the garden. The stone, timber, arches and the colours used are to give an abstract feel of Middle Eastern design” explains Pegah Salmani the architect who designed the restaurant on the concept and inspiration behind the simple design.
True to their word, their menu offers a wide range of Middle Eastern cuisines to choose from. Its worthy to note that they aren’t very big on vegetarian dishes but that shouldn’t deter vegetarians as most of the starter courses are mainly vegetarian. For instance, Mixed Mezza (19,500 UGX), Hummus, Falafel sandwich (7,500 UGX), Vegetable Couscous (14,000 UGX), Moutabal (11,000 UGX) all served with hot pita bread. Not to mention the generous portions served would be doing Pardis a disservice.

As one would expect, grilled meat is a special on any Middle Eastern cuisine but for a group of two people on a budget Mrs. Narges recommends the mixed grill dish which is more than enough for two people. It includes 4 pieces of chicken kebab, minced lamb, pita bread, chips, 4 pieces of pizza and the whole dish is 27,000 UGX which is reasonably affordable compared to other restaurants around Upper Kololo.

A full course at Pardis would cost you around 35,000 UGX onwards, and a single meal about 20,000UGX. A special discount is given to groups of five or more. Their Persian tea (6,000 UGX, per pot) is also very popular as it goes well with their renowned shisha (15,000 UGX) in the shisha garden. Expect no alcohol on the menu because of the Middle Eastern Muslim values, although you could carry your own bottle of wine and part with a corkage fee of 10,000 UGX.

Pardis being an open restaurant with very minimal décor enhances the dining experience and diners aren’t distracted. Thus perfect for lunch meetings, quiet diners and the clientele is a mix of foreigners and locals. It’s also suitable for birthday parties, small functions and accommodates crowds of less than 100.

However, accessibility by foot might be tricky being that the restaurant is in upper Kololo. Fortunately, boda bodas are always nearby for those with no vehicles.

On future plans, band nights with some belly dancers are in the pipeline as it’s a part of the Middle Eastern culture.

Pardis is open Monday to Sunday with the exception of Tuesday from 11:30 AM to midnight. The restaurant closes at 10:30 PM although the shisha bar stays open until 12 AM.

Note: Pardis in Upper Kololo specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine which is Persian and Arabian food whereas Pardis at Garden City Food Court specializes in Italian dishes (Pastas, lasagnas, etc) and the one thing that both restaurants have in common is the unrivalled customer care service.

For more information or bookings at Pardis call; + 256 (0) 712 872 555

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  2. Nilesh says:

    The food in restaurant is not bad but you prepared to pay extra for every thing like sausage chutney seating etc.
    Moreover after even you paying extra for all those you be prepared to get humiliated by owner who is a lady full of arrogance! Who doesn’t have value for customers! She doesn’t have sense to go to customerscustomers and ask for any assistance. I have seen worst behaviour for customer from the owner. ShE is completely racist. I suggest all my Ugandan fellow not to try this restaurant else you want to get mistreatment from owner.

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