In the kitchen with recipes from The Bistro Kampala

By Martyn Tumwesigye

February 10, 2014

the bistro kampalaFour things get your attention when you are at The Bistro Kampala. The well-timed service, the quality of the food (I know some people are nodding their heads as they just read that line), ambience and the exquisite artistic décor all over the restaurant. Upon entrance into the restaurant as you walk towards the bar area, right above the bar on a huge blackboard inscribed in white chalk, is the most profound quote I have ever read in any restaurant in Kampala.

“Three things are needed for a good life: good friends, good food & a good song” Jason Zebehazy.

You read that and BAM! you instantly feel welcome at this restaurant. If you have a love for Art, you will appreciate the effort these people have put into all the décor at their restaurant.

On why they called it The Bistro?

“The name perfectly describes what we want to convey. Some place casual but stylish where we make sure everyone is catered for.  I wanted something where if five people come in one party with five different tastes and preferences, everyone goes home happy.” Explained Ms. Jasjit

The Bistro agreed to give us an insight on the secrets to some of their alluring recipes that make their food tick. We had an interesting encounter with one of their two chefs, a Mr. Joel who explained to us bit by bit how to prepare the Penne Carbonara (an Italian dish), Grilled Pork Chops with fine BBQ Sauce and finally an Egg Salad Sandwich. Enjoy!!

Penne Carbonara (For 1 person)

Preparation time: 10 – 15 Mins


Penne (Barilla Pasta), Carbonara Sauce, 25gms of Red Onion, 30mls Olive Oil, 45mls White Sauce, 100mls Fresh Milk, 75mls Fresh Cream, 25gms fresh grated parmesan cheese, 30mls white wine, 70gms streaky bacon and 1 whole egg yolk.

–         Boil Penne Pasta in fast boiling water until slightly resistant to the bite (al’dente). Cool and set aside (5-10 Mins).
–         Make the Carbonara sauce by frying the streaky bacon in olive oil and red onion until the bacon is fairly crispy (2-3 Mins).
–         Add white wine, cook for a minute before adding the white sauce, milk, fresh cream, mignonette pepper and salt. Let it simmer for some time before finishing with a touch of freshly grated Parmesan Cheese and egg yolk.
–         Mix the Penne Pasta with the Carbonara Sauce then serve immediately when hot with a crispy slice of garlic bread.
–         You can serve the meal with either White Wine or a Cold Coke.

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 Grilled Pork Chops with fine BBQ sauce (For 1 person)

Preparation time: 15 – 20 Mins

250gms of pork chops and 75mls of BBQ Sauce

¼Table Spoon Finely Chopped Garlic, 30mls Light Soy Sauce, 5mls H.P Sauce, 5mls Basilico Paste, 30mls Sun seed Oil and a pinch of white pepper powder.

–         Prepare the marinade by mixing the above ingredients together.
–         Soak in the 250gms pork chops and let it remain chilled overnight.
–         Grill to a well-done state then serve with mashed potatoes and stir fries.
–         Serve it with fine BBQ Sauce.
–         Serve the meal with Red Wine or a Coke

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Egg Salad Sandwich (For 1 person)

Preparation time: 5 Mins

2 slices of either white or brown bread (Toasted or non-toasted), 1 leaf of iceberg lettuce, 4 slices of fresh tomato, 1 whole hard-boiled egg, 2 table spoons of homemade mayonnaise and a pinch of white pepper powder.

–         Mix the diced hard boiled eggs with 2 tablespoons of homemade mayonnaise using a fork.
–         On the two slices of bread preferred, sandwich the mayonnaise mixture, iceberg lettuce and slices of tomato
–         Serve the sandwich with potato crisps, mixed vegetable salad and juice.

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The Bistro provides fast and free Wi-Fi and is open from 7AM – 10PM. For more information about The Bistro or if you want to keep up with the latest happenings and latest introductions on their vast menu or even if you have visited the place before and would like to write a review about them on The Pearl Guide then check out the links below.

Location: Plot 15 Cooper Road, Kisementi, Kololo
Mobile: +256 (0) 711 – BISTRO (786 – 789)
Mobile: +256 (0) 757 –247 –876

By Martin Tumwesigye

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