Tamarai Restaurant: Authentic Thai cuisine in Kampala

By Martyn Tumwesigye

December 16, 2013

Pe, pla, poo, koong, kai, neua. Now you must be wondering if this is simplified Chinese or if this article is going to be about some strange language you have no idea about. No! This is Thai language or more precisely Siamese the national language of Thailand and those are a few basics of some Thai foods. Pe is lamb, pla is fish, poo is crab, koong is prawns, kai is chicken while neua is meat.
Tamarai Tea Bar
Now that you know a few basics in the Thai language, presumably the next time  you go on a date with a loved one or go for lunch at a Thai restaurant, it would make a good impression on whoever you are with if you seemed knowledgeable about Thai foods and how they are pronounced in Thai.

Kampala is bereft of Thai restaurants but Located in lower Kololo terrace on Plot 14 to be exact is Tamarai Thai Restaurant. Tamarai specializes in Thai cuisine and pan Asian food. Not only does it specialize in Thai cuisine, it sure does look the part.

On entrance after the reception area on your left is the pride of Tamarai; a tea bar. Tamarai prides itself in being the only restaurant in Kampala with a tea bar. With over 16 tea flavors imported all the way from Sri Lanka, they have the finest tea flavors you can taste.

They serve iced teas, hot teas plus tea mocktails which basically are tea cocktails with no alcohol mixed with a blend of fresh juices. Imperative to note is that all their tea is prepared using a samovar boiler from Dilmah and for only 6,000 UGX for all hot teas, they will serve you any tea flavor you want. This is quite cheap if you bear in mind that their tea is served in a mid-sized pot. Tea mocktails cost between 12,000 UGX to 15,000 UGX while iced teas cost 10,000 UGX.
Tamarai Tea BarThe tea bar area is rather soothing and nice and has a number of couches in which clients can partake of their tea without any bother and there is an added incentive of free Wi-Fi in case you have a business meeting or you want to visit the online version of The Pearl Guide Uganda; www.thepearlguide.co.ug

Next to the tea bar separated by a wall is the bar area which rather has simple but defined and classy decor. It has two television flat screens, comfortable couches on which you can unwind the stress from work in the evenings with a bottle of beer or try their special cocktails one of them being ‘Thai me down’. A refreshing cocktail made from fresh watermelon juice and flavored with an aroma of fresh basil.

The restaurant has simple Thai decor coupled with Thai masks, fountains and an open area in the middle which has a statue of an elephant.

Tamarai Restaurant KampalaAs is custom, Thai foods are very spicy so depending on your preference you can let the waiter know how spicy you want your food to be or not. The starter course is called ‘Po Teak’ which basically is sea weed soup and the ingredients are a mixture of all Thai herbs and sea weed. For a newbie who has never tried sea weed, it is very tasty and you should give it a try after all it comes with the bill.
Thai food comprises of their staple delicacies, rice or noodles so the main course is served with either fried rice or noodles depending on your preference accompanied by either chicken, lamb or prawns mixed with sweet or sour sauce with an addition of ‘Som Tam’ which is a salad whose ingredients are classical raw papaya with crushed peanuts or cashew nuts or sesame seeds.

Tamarai also has a newly opened (month old) shisha bar that’s next to a simple garden area and has comfortable couches. At the moment they have three shisha flavors namely; double apple, mint and orange. Shisha costs 15,000 UGX.
Tamarai Tea Bar

Open from Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 11 PM, Tamarai also offers outside catering, parties, deliveries, special discount for corporate lunches and dinner, cocktail parties and birthday parties plus anniversaries.

To reach Tamarai or book/reserve a table, the restaurant can be reached at;    +256 755 794 958/ + 256 755 794 960
E-mail: tamaraithai@gmail.com

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