The 9 things that make the Kampala Serena Hotel tick

By Karen Kana

August 5, 2015

As the Kampala Serena Hotel celebrated her 9th anniversary, we took our palettes and lenses to find out what exactly goes into creating this blend of 5 star polish and pan-African elegance, which displays the Ugandan culture setting the Kampala Serena miles apart. Here as we discovered are the 9 things that make the Kampala Serena the hospitality juggernaut that she is:

1. The Explorer Restaurant

Located on the ground floor, the Italian bistro is a relaxed restaurant that offers a uniquely off-beat tribute to Africa’s early explorers’ jungle engulfed in a ruined city, with safari antiques and sepia images as well as an exterior water garden. A perfect place to enjoy the best from Italian cuisine, paired with any of the wide range of wines, beers and spirits.



2. The Pearl of Africa Restaurant

Dine with tunes from the resident pianist who plays nightly, in an intimate yet relaxed dining room. Located on the first floor, The Pearl of Africa blends stark black granite with opalescent marble to create a timeless silver screen. This stunning gourmet fine-dining restaurant offers elegant niche seating and a menu featuring international and regional cuisine.



3.The Lakes Brasserie

A beautifully structured restaurant that looks over the hotel’s extensive water gardens as faint rays of sunlight trickle in from above, offering breakfast and lunch presented over a lavish hot and cold buffet while dinner is a la carte.

4.Maisha Mind Body And Spirit Spa

Indulge at Kampala’s first and only world class spa using multi-award winning Elemis and Litya products with a range of regimes complemented by luxuriant steam rooms, saunas and fountain brimming with pure mineral water.

5.Lavish Suites

Take a pick from the pillow menu for a perfect night’s sleep in any of the wide selection of rooms and suites all with 24-hour room service, air conditioning, satellite TV, wifi and voice mail, a private balcony or terrace, which are elegantly presented in a fusion on international and Ugandan style.


Royal suite

Named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II who stayed here with her retinue during the 2008 Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference offers a marble reception area with private washrooms, an imposing drawing room, private kitchen and dining room, a large ensuite bedroom with integrated office suite, and rooms for the accommodation members for presidential parties.

Business suite

Styled in deep claret or royal blue, they feature luxuriant queen or twin beds and a glorious view of Kampala, the suite offers elegant bedroom and separate lounge with large ensuite bedroom, dressing table sitting area and terrace.

6.Swimming Pool

Dive into the beautiful blue extensive swimming pool.
The Ssese pool terrace is the ultimate al fresco and the ideal venue for a relaxed café dining, family, as you cool off from those sunny days. Wiggle away on the mosaic dance floor later at any event.

7.Mist Cocktail Bar

Truly one of Kampala’s most fashionable gathering places, popular for its Wednesday cocktails. The Mist bar evokes the misty montane habitat of Uganda’s famous gorillas and is named after the famous film “Gorillas in the Mist”

8.Eco-friendliness and Community Outreach

Kampala Serena works with a wide range of local farms and growers, using organic produce to support the local community. This produce undergoes thorough inspections and is highly monitored at every stage under the food processing system. The 72 acre grounds and extensive water gardens display a unique collection of indigenous plants and butterflies. Their staff uniforms reflect traditional Ugandan dress. Additionally, the hotel offers temporary and permanent jobs for the local community as well as hands-on training for school leavers under their Internship Programme. The hotel is also uniquely powered by hydro-electricity.

9.World Class Customer Care

Not only will you enjoy free wireless internet, you also get the ultimate in personalized service, suave social style, and business reliability with unparalleled views of the capital.

As the Kampala Serena Hotel celebrates her 9th anniversary, these we feel are what give this landmark hotel, her unmatched and award winning personality.

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