The Sound Cup: The cute little Garden City coffee joint

By Martyn Tumwesigye

November 20, 2013

There’s really no place in Garden City quite like The Sound Cup. You walk in and the short brick wall next to the kitchen area to your left and funky decor of portraits of Ugandan music icons around the café makes it look like it was transplanted from the Hard Rock Café, but instead of the guitar, The Sound Cup has a Korg N364 Piano. The first thing you notice on your left are the book shelves adorned with a couple of fitness and music magazines, fiction and non-fiction novels as well as a few autobiographies. The Sound Cup is one of the few cafés in Kampala that grasp the concept of a Café being so much more than just a meeting place or a strategic place to use free Wi-Fi.
Welcome to The Sound Cup Cafe
To your left upon entering, right above the curved brick wall, is a strategically constructed mural which has portraits of some of Ugandans present and past music icons like Herbert Kinobe, Philly Bongoley Lutaaya, Bakar, Tshilla, Fred Matovu of  the Afrigo band and Joel Sebunjo. Intriguingly placed inside and outside of the café are six beautifully crafted mahogany tables, chairs and stools. To your right are two brown leather couches and on the wall above them is a large mural that has portraits of several Ugandan music icons notably the likes of Benon, Tamba and Myko Ouma.  Straight ahead in the right hand corner is the coffee machine and right next to it on the left is the entrance to the kitchen area, but not before the cashier’s machine. Right behind that on the wall hangs two trumpets and an old antique camera which further confirm what The Sound Cup is all about, tasty good food in a homey musical setting.

Opened on 2nd November, 2013 The Sound Cup is still a newbie on the Kampala restaurant scene. What’s impressive to note though is that Maurice Kirya, the proprietor of The Sound Cup, seems to have done his homework. He claims to have done research for over eight years before opening up the café and instead of opening his coffee shop at the much café crowded Kisementi area or in one of the Kampala suburbs, he went all in and opened The Sound Cup on the third floor of Garden City (Yusuf Lule Road) right opposite Knights the clothing store. In a shopping mall that’s filled with restaurants and coffee shops of all kinds and a whole food section on one of the floors (The Food court), you have to admire Kirya’s decision to open The Sound Cup at Garden City.
Interior of the Sound Cup
You can tell that Kirya knows his target group of clients, what they want and he does deliver. The Sound Cup is not in the business of offering what everyone else is serving on their menu. For example, on a floor that has an ice cream parlor; The Sound Cup doesn’t offer ice cream on their menu. But they do serve some of the best fresh juices you will partake in while at the mall on a hot sunny day. Their passion fruit juice is fresh and it actually tastes like passion fruit served with syrup for those that have a sweet tooth and costs just 6,000 UGX for a large glass which is impressive. All fresh juices range from 5,500 to 6,500 except for Cocktail Juice (8,000 UGX), Tropical Fruit Mix (10,000 UGX) and Healthy Juice (10,000 UGX).  Soft drinks range from 1,500 UGX for mineral water to 4,000 UGX for cold milk.

For those into coffee and hot drinks, you should give their macchiato a try. A double shot costs 5,500 UGX and they serve the best macchiato I’ve tasted around Kampala coffee shops. Hot drinks as well as iced drinks range from 4,500 UGX to 8,000 UGX but most drinks are an average of 4,500 UGX. I’m very content that the drinks menu is not limited, because really, I come here to just get out of my house and hang out. They have enough loose-leaf and bagged tea to satisfy your decaffeinated desires at the hours that you go there and it’s super cheap.

Breakfast ranges between 7,000 UGX for scrambled eggs to 15,000 UGX for brunch (Two eggs, slices of bacon on toasted bread, tomato, potato wedges, mushrooms, grilled onions and seasonal vegetables). Sandwiches range from 13,000 UGX to 15,000 UGX and for the vegetarians, salads range from 12,500 UGX to 16,000 UGX. Good food at the Sound Cup
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For a main meal, I would recommend the Stir Fry (18,000 UGX) that includes a choice of beef/chicken or vegetables fried with olive oil or Chicken wings on a bed of vegetables (20,000 UGX) which includes three chicken wings served with their special sauce. The other meals in the main meal section are Green Curry (20,000 UGX) and Spaghetti Bolognaise (19,000 UGX). Please note that all meals are served with either potato wedges, mashed potatoes, parsley potatoes or rice.

The food is warm, very tasty and all ingredients are fresh with portions which are big enough for one person.
They also have a section for Wraps on the menu which ranges from 10,000 UGX for a Rolex (a Ugandan local delicacy made from rolled chapatti and eggs with fresh tomatoes) to 15,000 UGX for a chicken wrap.  An adorable musical type of café, The Sound Cup has a new age and a real homey and kind of eclectic feeling to it and its all part of the charm.

Maurice Kirya described it as “A place where good sounds meet good food and drinks plus lovely service”. What he doesn’t mention though is the atmosphere at the café and the lovely crowd that visits the place. On your visits to the coffee shop you can be sure to bump into a popular face on the social scene, not just Kirya himself. The last time I was there I met Pablo the comedian and Saba Saba.
More good food at the Sound Cup
Open from 7am I revel in places that are open past 9pm and The Sound Cup is open until 10:30 PM.  For a newly opened coffee shop you only hope that they will remain steadfast in consistency and class.

Overall   you get a good deal for the price at The Sound Cup. They could arguably be the cheapest café in Garden City. I would definitely recommend it for all classes of people plus pit stops for families on outings to the mall.

To keep up with the latest developments at The Sound Cup Café, follow them on their Facebook page:

Or on Mobile: +256 (0) 774 594 913

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