Birdnest @ Bunyonyi

Uganda's Top 5 Wedding Locations for the Rebellious

Have you ever been to a family function and Aunt *Insert her name* walks ever so expectantly towards you, embraces you and exclaims .. "Eh, *Insert your name* you've grown!!!", and you stand there with a sheepish smile on your face well knowing you have no recollection what your own aunt's name is? »

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Kipling Lodge Jinja

Kipling Lodge: Redefining The Bare Necessities

You would be forgiven for assuming the Kipling Lodge in Kangulumira just outside of Jinja was yet another safari getaway named after a British explorer, or colonial figure for two reasons: 1, Because many a tourist destination in Uganda romanticises European exploration and colonisation, and 2, beca »

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Baker's Lodge

Special Feature: Baker's Lodge

Baker’s Lodge in Murchison Falls National park is the newest accommodation facility within the upmarket Uganda Exclusive Camps and Lodges group, opened officially in early 2015.

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Easter Collective Uganda 2016

The Easter Getaway Collective 2016

As we're gearing towards the long Easter Weekend, we've collected some Special Easter Packages for families and small groups from our partners. You can start now to plan your Easter trip.

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Kimbla Mantana Tented Luxury Camp: A Haven In The Wild

Kimbla Mantana Tented Luxury Camp is right inside Lake Mburo National Park and affords a proximity with the wildlife that is invigorating while still managing to feel removed from all the stresses of daily life.

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Amuka Safari Lodge

Amuka Safari Lodge - Authentic Safari Lodging est. 2010

On a Friday afternoon with the sun scorching hot, we were a bit fatigued and hungry after the 3-hour drive from Kampala to Nakasongola. The ‘rolex’s’ and soft drinks Joshua and I had along the way have ‘vaporized’ from our stomachs. We were seated in the restaurant at the luxurious Amuka »

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