Yasigi Beer Garden: Filling the niche in the market of fresh beer brewing in Uganda

By Martyn Tumwesigye

March 11, 2015

When Plato, the classical Greek Philosopher was asked about his thoughts on the matter of beer, he had this to say; “He was a wise man who invented beer.” While Hugh Hood, a Canadian essayist thought; “Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look forward to than more of the same.” In a country like Uganda where we are blessed with year round gorgeous weather, it is hard not to agree with Plato or Hood’s quote.

Step into Yasigi Beer Garden. Located on Plot 40 A&B Windsor Crescent Road, Yasigi Beer Garden is Kampala’s latest addition to the freshly brewed beer scene and is the only establishment that serves freshly brewed beer from the tap.

For those not in tune with their African Mythology, Yasigi is the African Alcohol Goddess. She’s described as the well-endowed Goddess of dancing, beer and masks, all qualities you will notice in Yasigi Beer Garden’s logo. The logo depicts Yasigi the Goddess who is believed to have been a Malian, wearing a mask and holding a barley ladle with a beer ladle on her head and dancing the night away. Something that every reveler will be looking forward to when they visit the establishment: having a fun-filled time.

Beer served at Yasigi Beer GardenThe general theme at Yasigi Beer Garden seems to be centered on simplicity. On entrance into the gates, to your immediate left are the plush gardens with a simple setup of picnic style benches and tables, next to it is the main establishment that houses the restaurant kitchen, a lounge area with a well furnished bar where you can order cocktails. To your right is the parking lot while right ahead is the structure that houses the microbrewery, next to it is the patio which has simple but exquisitely designed wooden tables and chairs supplemented by a counter with beer taps where all the lagers from the microbrewery are served. Behind the main structure are the lavatories and a big grass thatched hut that will host an in-house band every Fridays.

Microbrewery Lagers

The microbrewery at Yasigi produces 4 fresh brands of beer: Amber, Pilsner, Stout and Wheat; all for wholesale and retail customer consumption.

Amber with its deep bronze appearance has a roasted coffee aroma which feels medium bodied on your palate and tastes malty with a body coffee tone. Its alcohol content is 4.5%.

Pilsners appearance ranges from light straw to golden-yellow and it has a smooth light bodied mouth feel with a taste of the perfect blend of happy and fruity flavours. The alcohol content for Pilsner is 4.0%.

Stout, which has the highest alcohol content at 5.5%, is dark with a rich creamy head and has a dark roasted malt flavour with spicy aromas. It has a rich bodied mouth feel and has a big roasted malt/coffee bean flavour. The finish is that of a moderately bitter hop.

Wheat has a light golden-yellow appearance with a sweet citrus aroma. It has a medium bodied mouth feel and a yeasty, sweet citrus flavour taste. Its finish is slightly bitter with a sweet finish. The alcohol content for Wheat is 3.5%.

Steven Emor, the brew master at Yasigi, takes pride in the fact that all their beers are made with a focus on quality and not quantity. He explained that care is taken to select the finest ingredients to ensure a perfect balance between malt, hops and yeast; resulting in thirst quenching beer masterpieces.

“All Yasigi Lagers are crafted to your taste using the latest German technology and the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality beer.” He said.

All their lagers are bottom-fermented beers; this basically means that the yeast used during fermentation settles to the bottom as opposed to the top as ales do. Lager fermentation takes place at colder temperatures, which generally means it takes longer giving it a cleaner, more crisp taste than ales do in regards to maintaining an afro-centric culture.

A glass of craft beer ranges between 5,000UGX for 300ml, while a 500ml glass costs 7,000UGX. A tower of craft beer 3 litres costs 35,000UGX.

Other drinks served at Yasigi apart from craft beer are Soft drinks, Aperitifs/Digestifs, Vodkas, Gins, Whiskies, Liqueurs, Rum, Brandy/Cognac plus Wines. These range from 3,000UGX for 300ml Sodas & Mineral Water to as high as 16,000UGX for a shot of Courvoisier VSOP, one of the finest Cognacs in the world.


Pork skewers, potatoes and saladsThe restaurant at Yasigi offers mostly continental cuisines, snacks, appetizers, starters, deserts, sliders, and platters all at very affordable prices.
The food menu is fairly priced from as low as 8,000UGX for Appetizers and Starters, to 60,000UGX for Classic Slider Platters that serve groups of 8 – 12 people.

I would definitely recommend anyone to try out their Sweet Potato Fries. With that said, their Pork Skewers at 17,000UGX, come highly recommended for those who partake of pork and are served with two side dishes: Garden Salads & Sweet Potato Fries.

From the Sliders section, the Classic Slider comes highly recommended and at 17,000UGX it is served with a side dish of Beer Buttered Sweet Potato Fries plus toppings.

Burgers and Beer at Yasigi Beer GardenFor those that prefer chicken, Beer Brine Soaked Chicken is another item that comes highly recommended. At 25,000UGX, it is served with Mashed Potatoes and Spinach with Roasted Garlic Butter.

All Deserts are priced at 8,000UGX, while side dishes range from 5,000UGX for Kale/Spinach sautéed in olive oil (Seasonal) to 9,000UGX for a Small Garden Salad. All pizzas from their Pizza Point cost 20,000UGX.

It is imperative to note that food is served on wooden plates/trays. All foods & ingredients are fresh and tasty, and the portions are really big; a major plus for couples on a budget.

When I asked Sofnias Nega, (one of the proprietors) about the food portions being really big in relation to the relatively cheap prices, he had this to say “Our vision at Yasigi Beer Garden is sustainability. Certainly with the fluctuating prices for food items and other commodities on the local market, our prices might increase slightly in the future but by maintaining an afro-centric culture, we hope to give our clients good, tasty food and the best fresh beer from the tap, coupled with distinguished service.”

Overall you get a good deal and value for money at Yasigi. With serene plush gardens, this place is highly recommended for lunch or dinner outings, wedding receptions, beer parties, meetings, family gatherings and a working space environment for those who need free wireless internet.

The chefs at Yasigi Beer GardenNeed to Know

Yasigi Beer Garden is open Monday to Sunday from 11am till past midnight.
To keep up with all the latest developments at Yasigi Beer Garden,
“Like” their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/yasigibeergarden
For Reservations call: +256 (0) 414 661 110

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