Kampala Cocktail Week, the biggest drinks festival in the region came to a grand close on 14th December 2014 with an awards gala held at the Kampala Serena Hotel to celebrate the success of the inaugural edition which was proudly sponsored by Uganda Waragi, the spirit of Uganda.

Kampala Cocktail Week Tamarai's Kaiwan Bamji receiving Top Cocktail Bar Award

In a spirited 10 day period (3-12 December) which saw 15 top cocktail bars in Kampala serving their own celebratory Special Edition cocktail mixes with prices as low as 5,000 UGX, Tamarai Restaurant in Kololo emerged as the People’s Choice Top Cocktail Bar for 2015 through a social media voting process in which they concluded the week with the highest rating of all at 7.6/10.

The Sky Breeze Cocktail at Sky Lounge & Rooftop also emerged as the People’s Choice Best Cocktail of the Week in yet another social media driven activity. The creamy Smirnoff Vodka cocktail which blends elegantly with vanilla ice cream and Bailey’s Irish Cream is testament to the vast developments made this year in the local cocktail scene and guests didn’t hesitate to show their vast appreciation for this creation by Amos, Head Bartender at Sky Lounge.

In his closing remarks, Philip Kalibwani, Business Development Manager at The Pearl Guide Uganda, sent out warm appreciation to the 15 cocktail bars that invested time and creativity to give Kampala a memorable week long party as well as to the 6,000 guests who went out, tried new drinks and voted.

In the duration of the festival, Kampala Cocktail Week hosted a series of Signature Events such as The Smirnoff Gold Mile which took guests on a Party Bus Cocktail Tour through Kampala, The Luxury Charter boat sail which celebrated the bold new flavour of Uganda Waragi Coconut at one of Uganda’s most iconic holiday resorts Pineapple Bay and the Pimm’s Pitcher Perfect at Prunes which celebrated the mixology of drinks served in large volumes.

Kampala Cocktail Week also hosted guests to a Closed Shop Whisky and Food Pairing Experience at the Sheraton House of Walker in a bid to popularise luxury whiskies. Diageo Master Bartender Raymond Endean visited Kampala during the week and conducted educational sessions on pleasurable whisky cocktail experience at Liquid Silk and Sky Lounge and summed up his activities at Mythos Greek Taverna where he held a DIY Cocktail Experience, getting guests behind the bar and teaching them how to make refreshing cocktails.

The Pearl Guide’s Kampala Cocktail Week promises an even bigger festival in 2015 with more bars, advance menus and nightlife experiences to remember. To catch with the photo galleries from Kampala Cocktail Week visit: www.facebook.com/klacocktailweek or follow the hashtag #KlaCocktailWeek on Twitter and Instagram.