It’s that time when we start looking to December to grasp what’s going to be happening in the world of cocktails and mixology, which new trends and innovations have emerged and what to generally expect. Kampala Cocktail Week proudly presented by Uganda Waragi is a celebration of true craftsmanship behind the bar and the 2016 edition promises to be an unrelenting continuation.

Theatre in a Glass

theatre in a glass #KlaCocktailWeek 2016
The best mixologists have always understood the importance of theatre, without going over the top (no-one wants to get smacked by an errant shaker because the hotshot bartender has attempted one too many flair tricks). In the 2016 Kampala Cocktail Week, you’ll be seeing more and more theatre in the glass, as drinks makers seek out ever more interesting ingredients. Expect flavourant garnishes, syrups and shooters infused with hot chilli sensations.

Multi–skilled bartenders

Multi Skilled Bartenders #KlaCocktailWeek 2016
A bartender is no longer just a bartender: they can also be a barista, patissier, a highly trained sommelier and, of course, a confidante. Techniques like cryovacing, buttering, and shrubbing have been borrowed from the kitchen. There’s more science than ever. Check out the “Who’s been naughty” at Mythos on Impala Avenue and tell us if it was made by Barista or Barman.


Keep it Simple #KlaCocktailWeek 2016

Keep it Simple Smart – Several bartenders have discussed a movement toward simpler executions of classic cocktails, slight but powerful remixes and three-ingredient cocktails. Some patrons get nostalgic for simpler times, when a drink was a drink and appreciate a subtle refix every once in while. Is the Wajito at The Alchemist Bugolobi a subscription to this school of thought? Let us know.

Dialing Down the Proof

Bartenders are using wine including sherries and sparklings such as champagne to create cocktails that won’t knock you flat. Some people believe wine cocktails are healthier. They are more in line with the European style of aperitifs, which are designed to open the palate before a meal. Take Bushpig’s New York Sour for example.

With elaborate celebratory menus: Shooters 10,000 UGX, Casual Cocktails 10,000 UGX, Craft Cocktails 15,000 UGX across 30 cocktail bars, Kampala Cocktail Week promises a worthy spirited end to 2016. Full list of menus, participants and signature events coming soon.