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The Emin Pasha Hotel is Kampala’s first boutique hotel. Gracious and elegant, The Emin Pasha Hotel evokes another era when taste, gentle service, ambience and comfort were the hallmarks of a good hotel.  The Emin Pasha Hotel creates a harmonious balance between Old and New. Tradition blends seamlessly with contemporary – From the architecture to the furnishings and soft touches, to those modern amenities that today’s business and leisure traveler requires. Located right near the centre of Kampala.

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  1. Eika_1 Calgary says:

    Had the 50 minutes signature massage… it was just perfect, and exactly what I needed. After the massage, I had the best shower I’ve had during my last 2 weeks in Kampala – the water was hot (for the duration of the entire shower!) and the water pressure was so good! It was absolutely heavenly. I will definitely go for another visit soon!

    Before the massage, I sat in the hotel garden with a cold drink. It was peaceful and relaxing.

    I haven’t stayed at the hotel.

  2. Mama Nsawo says:

    Not bad. Food was good. Esp starter and desert (really fresh cake). My kiev was quite dry and the tomato and onion thingie it came with was really myeegh. Happy that they delivered 3 courses.

  3. Priscilla says:

    Ambiance was amazing , Customer service was so poor waited for 1 and half hours to be served, when i contacted a waiter for he told us cannot help with the food as he is a barman!!! we left very hungry

  4. Patrice says:

    Paella was like a Risotto, Risotto looked like Rice and Tomato sauce. We were really disapointed by this hotel restaurant and staff was unfriendly. One exception the enchanting decor, but doesn’t calm hunger.

  5. daisy kizza says:

    Ambiance on point..customer care was so poor right from the reception.. my biggest surprise was to be given tomato sauce instead of ketch up yet every other table had Heinz ketch up.I got so disappointed that I don’t even remember how the meal tasted.

  6. Carlo says:

    I think this was one of the best menus for the Kampala Restaurant Week! I had an entire (filling, might I add) 3-course meal for a measly 25k!!! And the food was really so good that I may or may not have made moaning sighs when biting into the grilled steak baguette! Honestly, I want to go back just so I can try the other options on the menu. 10/10 for food! And the service was passable. Clearly I have high standards when it comes to service.

  7. Pesh says:

    One of the worst places I went to for Kampala restaurant week. We had to wait for our food for almost two hours, and when we inquired what was taking so long, we were basically told to go because they were not about to serve us any time soon. It was very disappointing. We went to Meditterano after which was busier than Emin Pasha, but very hospital. We were welcomed by the manager, and had waiters checking on us to make sure we were comfortable. It was lovely. This is how you get people to come back to your hotel, Emin Pasha.

  8. Paula says:

    Your service is horrendous,zero customer care, long waits for very basic & average tasting food. Not to mention the smallest portion sizes i have seen this restaurant week. Your wait staff needs a refresher course in hospitality….Boooo Emin Pasha Booooooo

  9. My KRW 2016 experience at Emin Pasha was really disappointing this year. Firstly they did not have all the main course options listed on the restaurant week menu, secondly their waiters did not seem informed about the conditions of the complimentary tusker, yet the rules are clearly stated on the restaurant week menus. We were still denied our complimentary drinks yet we ordered 2 main course meals!

    I ordered the Season Salad Nicoise which was tasty, the Bayonne Ham Wrapped Tilapia with potatoes, which was a very small portion, dry / overcooked and served without any sauces or side vegetables. I had to ask for at least some ketchup, salt and pepper to finish my meal! I also tried the Eton Mess Pavlova for dessert, which the waiter seemed to have no idea what excatly it was and the menu offered no description. The waiter advised it was some sort of pancake yet it was more like a scone made of hard icing sugar that was extremely too sweet!

    Despite the lovely ambiance, the waiters seemed ignorant on what was on offer, were inattentive and not very welcoming, and the food was dry/overcooked and served in very small portions.

    Such a shame for a pretty restaurant! I was expecting better service!


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