Hostels & Camps

Hostels & Camps

Kampala Cocktail Week 2016 Menu

Shooters – UGX 10,000

The Orgasm : Kahlua, Baileys & Amaretto with cinnamon sprinkles

The Whippet : Frozen chocolate Mousse, coffee flavoured Waragi & Baileys topped with whipped cream

Snakebite : Whiskey, tequila & 5 drops of tasbasco

Casual Cocktails – UGX 10,000

The Duke: Tanqueray gin, Vermouth, angostora bitters & a lemon twist

The Duchess:  Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, freshly squeezed pineapple juice and edible flowers

High Tea: Jameson whiskey, cooled Earl grey tea, a dash of lemon and orange twist.

Craft Cocktails – UGX 15,000

Moringa Elixer: Captain Morgan Rum, watermelon, pineapple, moringa, ginger, fresh mint, fresh lime & edible flowers

The Nilshon Schilson: Coconut flavored Waragi, pineapple, fresh coconut water, fresh lime juice (served in a coconut)

The Beccacino : Coffee flavored Uganda Waragi, chilled coffee, blended banana, avocado & milk

Sip’ n Snack Menu

“The Nilshon Schilson” Paired with Tilapia goujons with homemade tartare sauce – UGX 22,000

“The Duchess” Paired with Empanadas: Feta & Spinach/ Roasted chicken, bell pepper and sweetcorn/ Spicy beef and cheese served with salsa – UGX 17,000

“The Duke” Paired with Patatas Bravas: Parmesan and garlic potato Wedges served with Bravas sauce and alioli – UGX 17,000

3 Course Meal – UGX 35,000

Carrot, ginger & garlic soup or Empanadas
Aubergine Moussaka, ratatouille & green salad or Thai Tilapia or Chicken coconut Curry, jasmine rice with asian watermelon cashew salad
Chefs Tartine or Chocolate brownies

Boat Transfer

Zodiac Speedboat (30-45min journey, 4-6 people) $150
Meridian boat (1-1.5 hour journey, 6-8 people) $120
Large charter boat (2 – 2.5 hour journey, 15-25 people) $345
** Above boating rates are not per person but for the entire boat. Contact Phoebe below for any special arrangements.

Boat Transfer

Email: or Call / Whatsapp +256774664371


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