Carpe Diem Guesthouse

Plot 33, Uringi Crescent, Entebbe Town


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Overview & Features

It can be no understatement to say that the sun rises and sets at Carpe Diem because quite literally it does! Much of the delight of Carpe Diem lies in its informality and flexibility, and yet, make no mistake, the devil is in the detail and it soon becomes obvious that much thought and hard work gone into every aspect.

Upon entrance into the gates of Carpe Diem, the first thing that grabs your attention is that the guest house resembles a residential residence. To your left on entrance is the parking lot and next to this the garage which has been turned into a wine bar!

Carpe Diem Guest House and Restaurant makes for good refuge on a weekend break or even a short vacation for those who want to beat the hustle and bustle of Kampala city. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the serene Entebbe ambiance without necessarily going to the crowded beaches.

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  1. Robert Michigan says:

    As a member of a research/demonstration dairy farm project in northern Uganda, I have found the Carpe Diem Guest House to be a wonderful, homey experience when I arrive in, and prior to departure from, Entebbe . Rachel’s hospitality is exceptional and goes the extra mile in accommodation of our needs. Her staff members are attentive and always pleasant. Dianah makes the best milkshakes (important to a dairy veterinarian). The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable. The view of Lake Victoria is exceptional and the proximity to the airport makes it convenient. Internet access is reliable and pretty fast, as judged by my typical Ugandan experience. The Carpe Diem Guest House is a ‘five star’ experience!

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