Heritage Safari Lodge

Tangi Gate Murchison Falls National Park



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Overview & Features

Located, 5 miles away from the Tangi Gate of the Murchison Falls Park, the Lodge offers the best game viewing experience of the big five and a wide range of wildlife including birds and butterflies. The first phase of the new lodge opened on 3rd November, 2013, to provide the inaugural guests one of the best opportunities for viewing the solar eclipse.

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  1. David B UK says:

    Christine, the owner of the Pagoda in Gulu, suggested we visit the Heritage Safari Lodge which has been created by her husband William above the Albert Nile, on an elephant route. It is a most impressive site with views of the great Albert Nile shimmering in the distance. It consists of a number of tradional style round thatched bedrooms, and shady open buildings for dining. Although we did not stay there, as we were already booked into to the Paraa Safari Lodge, the accommodation looked most attractive and comfortable.
    We understood that the place had been created in 5 months which is an incredible achievement. For the future, William has plans to expand this beautiful site, and has already planted a large number of shrubs and trees. At present there are some five bedrooms, which he intends to expand to 25 – 30 in traditional style thatch. I have absolutely no doubt that this will be achieved on time and in the most immaculate style.
    We enjoyed a delicious lunch and left most reluctantly !

  2. odongo james - opio says:

    Absolutely excellent, have been to this place twice and the warm welcome that I was given is okay. the owner is down to earth while serving you and above all you may not believe he is the owner. Mr. William had a brief talk with us the pearl staff, he is a soft spoken person likes advising young people on how to be self reliant. not forgetting the the speed boat etc etc

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