Budongo Eco Lodge

Booking Office:Mutungo Hill, Plot 1001 Block 243 Biina Road



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Overview & Features

Budongo Eco Lodge has five intimate eco cabins, each secluded privately in the forest. The cabins are spacious, with a twin or double bed and sitting area. Each eco cabin  has an en-suite bathroom with shower and eco-toilet and a private veranda overlooking the forest. The lodge also offers four dormitory rooms with two double decker beds in each room (max. 4 people) and shared washing facilities.

The eco-friendly lodge’s restaurant is the perfect place for guests to have a refreshing drink before or after their forest activities. A variety of meals are served on the terrace while you enjoy the sounds of the forest enclosing the lodge.

At the Budongo Eco Lodge Visitor’s Centre where you can relax or read a book in the lounge area or view the display of fossils, animal skeletons and snares that have been removed from the forest. The Craft Shop offers a small selection of indigenous Uganda crafts.

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  1. Wegoustay Pa says:

    Stayed two nights there towards the end of our Sept 2013 safari. As the name suggests, an ecological lodge. Solar lights, solar heated water, a pit latrine, system to collect rainwater for various uses, and special consideration given to trees in middle of walk-ways to maintain unbroken canopy. Cottage windows screened and curtained. Mosquito netting around large bed in very spacious room. Plenty of hot water for shower but not for sink (okay by us). Bathroom light okay for shaving in early am. Bottled water provided.

    Battery/device charging at reception area. Main building served as dining area (both out on porch and inside), lounge, gift shop and small nature center. No frills, no noisy atmosphere. Staff friendly.

    Food, tasty and plentiful. Breakfast was eggs to order, bacon, toast, juice, fruit and coffee/tea. One dinner was tomato soup, bread, chips, veggies, chapatti, chicken in gravy and a thin pancake in hot syrup for desert. Soda Ugh2,500 ea.

    Wonderful to sit on the porch and listen to the birds and other wildlife. Thick forest canopy made observation difficult. Opening around main building easier to spot birds. Largest spiders I have even seen in high web using wires near main building for support. Great sleeping with only natural sounds of the rain forest. Expect a shower now and then.

    Invasion of winged ants late one afternoon caused us to relocate to another cabin. Not a big deal as living in a rain forest one expects such. Given the dense overhead canopy cabins are damp.

    Not for the traveler expected all the amenities of the typical lodge. Budongo Eco Lodge provides adequate, clean accommodations in a great setting particularly for those interested in chimp walks and birding in the dense forest. Given where we decided to go for birding walks it was out of the way but still interesting and we have no regrets staying there.

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