Ndali Lodge

Crater Lakes, Fort Portal



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Overview & Features

Ndali Lodge is perched on the rim of an extinct volcano which, since its demise, has filled with water to become the breathtaking Lake Nyinambuga – 250 acres in size and 130 metres deep. There is a main thatched lodge with spacious sitting room, reception area and dinning room flanked by 8 cottages providing luxurious accommodation for 16 guests. The cottages which face west offer a panoramic view of the spectacular ‘Mountains of the Moon’. They were designed by Capt. Mark Price and are built of local stone and thatch. The interiors are imaginatively and comfortably furnished where the decor empahsis in on the use local materials.

Each cottage, large enough to accommodate a family, has en-suite facilities with bath, shower, WC and hand basin and a private verandah, perfect for watching the sun setting behind the rwenzori mountains, the snow-capped peaks of which are clearly visible on a clear day.

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  1. Julia Mayersohn says:

    I have been here twice for wonderful meals, and love the atmosphere and have always enjoyed fantastic service. Thus I was very excited to come back to stay as part of a longer motorcycle trip with my boyfriend and dad. I was really disappointed to find that the standard of service just wasnt as high, I suspect as the owner wasnt in town.

    We arrived after a long motorcycle ride from Kampala and were absolutely soaked through our rain gear. We were literally dripping on the floor and shivering as the staff member on hand insisted that our triple room was not only not arranged (though they had the booking noted), but was impossible and that we would have to take two rooms. He also insisted on reading us all the prices for (including “if you came through a tour company…”), before showing us to the room, which we found (to his surprise) to already be set up for a triple. We enjoyed fantastic meals, but were disappointed that the staff refused to light the fire in the lodge building for us to dry our extremely wet gear, which made the onward ride the next day much less comfortable. By email we received a quote which had given us a reduction for leaving before lunch, this wasn’t extended to another guest who overheard until he insisted.

    The room was gorgeous and the food fantastic, it was really unfortunate that all the excellent work was let down by the welcome on this occasion. That said, Id still recommend the place to anyone that asks – just try to show up warm!

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