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Pineapple Bay Resort

Bookings: Plot 15, Binayomba Road, Bugolobi


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Overview & Features

Pineapple Bay, where you can lounge on a Lamu bed, looking out to the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria.  Where you can charter a fishing-boat and head off with rod and tackle to fish for the legendary Nile Perch.  Where you can arm yourself with binoculars and roam for kilometers over this unspoiled island paradise in search of hundreds of birds who make this their home.  And then come back and plunge into the dark blue pool or go with the chef to the organic gardens and choose your own pineapple, your own avocado, your own greens to have for lunch.

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  1. Martyn Linkyn says:

    I visited in Feb 2014 but the service was nothing short of excellent. Many thAnks for a memorable experience

  2. […] this place called Pineapple Bay that I recently spotted on the Pearl Guide website. Take me here anytime, any day […]

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