Fly Mami Afrika

Kira Road, Jinja


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Overview & Features

Fly Mami Afrika is the first and only paragliding operator in Uganda. Free flight via paragliding is as similar an experience humans can have to flying like a bird.Starting from Mbale town , only 200km East of Kampala and 2 hours from Jinja. We have a beautiful drive to the top of Mt. Wanale, we will talk about flying, safety, and go over an explanation of the equipment. The launch is located at an elevation of 1630m, this is a 510m elevation difference from the landing sites.Flight duration averages between 15 minutes and 1 hour, just near the Wanale cliffs with beautiful in flight waterfall vistas. Many days we actually gain between 50 and 200 meters of elevation during the flight. Paragliding is a weather based activity, this is the reason for the variance in flight duration.

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3 Reviews

  1. ronald says:

    the only company in uganda with paragrading

  2. E.M says:

    The phone number doesn’t go through. Do you have another that does?

  3. Kembabazi says:

    Can we have some more information concerning this? The telephone number isnt going thru and the website isnt active as well.

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