Café Ceylon

Plot No.81, Kira Road, Kamwokya


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Overview & Features

Café Ceylon is a restaurant and café that serves a unique fusion of gourmet, art & culture at the edge of Kololo. It stays true to its Sri Lankan roots with authentic dishes such as lumprais, but also swaying away to serve you with delicious French pastries, Italian pastas and a variety of Continental food.

It’s laid back and jazzy ambience is the ideal venue to relax with friends, and catch up over a perfectly made piece of Red Velvet Cake and cup of Cappuccino.

Open from 6.30 am till midnight all 7 days of the week for your convenience.



Ceylon Chicken Patty
Chicken mixture wrapped in a dough and deep fried

Ceylon Mutton Roti or Vegetable Roti
Vegetable or Goat meat mixture wrapped in roti and grilled

Ceylon Fish Rolls or Veggie Cutlets
Dough stuffed with fish mixture or vegetable and crumb fried.


Egg Hopper
A pan fried savory pancake based on a fermented batter made of rice flour and coconut milk served with chicken curry, coconut sambol and a running egg.

String Hoppers Kottu
String hoppers finely chopped and stir fried with mixed vegetables with either egg, chicken, beef served with gravy

Ceylon en Papillate
Ginger hinted Tilapia fillet and vegetables cooked with fresh cream served with rice of your choice.

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  1. muyingo sulait says:

    They have got the best menue.

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