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Liquid Silk is a bar and lounge which offers the executive leisure experience. Complete with a club,  bar, restaurant and terrace, it is open for  exclusive dining, parties and fun events.

With a spacious dining area that can accommodate 150 people at a time, as well as an exclusive semi private event area with a dedicated bar, Liquid Silk promises to give you an unforgettable dining experience.




Grilled Calamari and Mango Salad
Spicy char grilled squid piece with lemon zest and peri-peri intermingled with assorted lettuce leaves and sweet juicy ripe mango.

Beef Kamitsu and Mango Rice
Tender medium well done slivers of beef steak accompanied with tangy South Indian Rice served with pan juices.

Dessert – Vanilla and Mango Gelato
A traditional handmade Italian ice cream served on a thin layer of fruit cake topped with cream, crushed spanned sugar and chocolate samosas. India meets Italy.


Chicken Kinyogi Towie [Another Wrap]
Six sticky BBQ Buffalo wings and 3 dragon meatballs served with baby carrots and tortillas / home fries. You’ll simply want another wrap!!

Whole Grilled Alaska
Tender grilled wild pigeon served on moist mango lava cake accompanied with potato lyonnaise and red wine sauce.

Thai Stir Fry
Spicy stir fried vegetable spaghetti in authentic homemade Thai peanut satay … hot!!

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31 Reviews

  1. Lindah says:

    great experience

  2. Kats Real says:

    Great Designer Salad. Am coming back again to go through the whole menu.

  3. Thalma says:

    Great food

  4. Eppa David says:

    Was there on Saturday, i really liked the pork spare ribs keep it up

  5. Lindah says:

    Liquid Silk,is home away from home.

  6. Tina says:

    woow great experience great lunch buffet with a wide range of options.
    job wel done

  7. Lindah says:

    The seared chicken was a great taste!!!
    the lunch buffet is always on point.

  8. NAOMI says:

    just had the greatest, affordable, mouthwatering lunch buffet. money well spent

  9. angellah murungi says:

    just had lunch…The buffet is wowwww.i loved the chicken most . very tasty food and nice atmosphere

  10. angellah murungi says:

    had lunch there today…The buffet is Wooow. real good tasty food.

  11. Debbie says:

    Exquisite buffet..

  12. Eppa David says:

    I must admit today i had the cordon blue chicken its very rich.

  13. Eppa David says:

    Lunch buffet is worth it

  14. Eppa David says:

    The hostesses and the waiting staff are very professional keep it up.

  15. Eppa David says:

    My evening was amazing on Heroes day eve with Afrigo band playing i enjoyed the ambiance and the dedication of the staff

  16. kiwalabye david fred says:

    It has the best buffet everyone can afford, I like the way they decorate their tables, they just put u in the moods of eating.
    They have the best customer care, love to serve n treat everyone with respect, environment is so peaceful and free WiFi no need for
    Password or time limit. Liquid silk makes me fèel whom i am.

  17. angellah murungi says:

    I loved the cordon ….the staff is great too

  18. AllThngzE says:

    I got the opportunity of tasting the whole Kampala Restaurant Week menu and the casual selection was very very good. Was disappointed in the three signature menus though. Felt like they lacked something.

    But all in all, was a good experience!

  19. Angella says:

    The buffet is always on point….im always excited to have my lunch there.

  20. Angella says:

    The buffet is always on point….I’m always excited to have my lunch there

  21. sharom says:

    The food and ambiance at liquid silk are on point

  22. Claire Ninsiima says:

    Loved the food and ambiance
    I would recommend the place in the future

  23. Trevor Ssesanga says:

    Was there with a group of friends late in the night and i had their bacon burgar with a signature drink i liked, dont remember the name thou…. Loved it, nice ambience

  24. Mbiro Godfrey says:

    The service @ Liquid silk is perfect….o.m.g their meals are tasty, I just had pork spare ribs with mashed potatoes…. it was so tasty

  25. Diane Goldyn says:

    The best..have just tasted the buffet and its mwaaa ….

  26. Richard Kyomuhendo says:

    like the dinner buffet, mouth watering food.

  27. oj D says:

    I liked the pork spare ribs. so sweet

  28. Michael Bans says:

    very Nice Buffet

  29. claudia says:

    pork spare rib ummm so nice.

  30. Thalma says:

    My dinner was delicious…always love dining at Liquid

  31. Twonjex says:

    Loved the lamb chops from service to presentation to the devouring of it.

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