Café Javas

40-42 Bombo Road & Oasis Mall


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Overview & Features

The furniture here was imported from abroad and is pure mahogany, while all the kitchen equipment is not only state-of-the-art, but being a relatively small place is functional making it easy for the kitchen staff to go about their work with ease.

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  1. Sleen_S Nairobi says:

    I enjoyed the food at Cafe Java Kisementi.Service is great for newly seated customers but not as good when you need to make some more order. The menu has quite a lot of similarity to Nairobi Java House and prices too are approximately the same.
    I was disappointed with the free WiFi. You only get WiFi voucher worth 1hour for your duration there.

  2. R Lusimbo says:

    From the very first time you walk into Javas cafe you feel welcomed. The ambiance and smile from the waiters or waitresses is enough to make you feel at home and feel relaxed to make your order. The location itself is enough to make you want to eat there, its easy to have a meal before or after shopping at the near by stores. Chicken and mushroom sauce with either mash or rice is a meal you ought not to miss when at Javas, the fresh juices are a must have with a meal or even carry home for your family or friends. Meals are brought in time. I have been at Javas at different times but i realized that every time i have moved in, its as fresh as ever. Make it a point to check out Javas Cafe as you will have a great experience.

  3. Priscilla Birungi says:

    great meals and a very cool

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