Kampala Cocktail Week 2016 Menu

Shooters – UGX 10,000

Cartel Car Bomb : Tequila, Jager and energy drink

Pina Pot (8 shots served in a Teapot) : Pineapple infused vodka, Tequila, Triple Sec, & Coconut Waragi, topped with Pineapple Juice

Casual Cocktails – UGX 10,000

The Tequila Trembler : Lemon juice, sweetened with sugar is shaken over a whole lot of tequila and green chili added to give it a bit of extra bite

Baja Gold : Tequila & Triple Sec is infused with Lime, topped up with fresh Pineapple Juice, served over crushed Ice.

Craft Cocktails – UGX 15,000

Gin, Juice & Ginger : Sweet with a touch of spice, the original sugar cane cocktail Gin, Sugar cane juice and a hint of ginger

Sugar cane margarita : It’s our famous or infamous margarita, made with natural sugar cane juice, replacing sugar, for those health conscious drinkers.

Sugarcane Mojito : White rum, mint lime and a dash of sugar cane juice for a bit of sweetness.

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Little Donkey (Kampala)

Dotta House Plot 5554, Kisugu Bukasa Rd

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