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Silver City Spur

Golf Course Hotel Yusuf Lule Road



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Overview & Features

Silver City Spur is one of the Spur Steak Ranches which is the fastest growing food chains with a total of over 240 franchise worldwide. The Spur is a family restaurant specializing in tantalizing steaks as core products but also offers a huge variety on the menu for clients with dishes ranging from Mexican specialties to pizzas and vegetarian dishes.

Burger Monday

Buy one Burger for UGX. 12,000 and get one free!

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3 Reviews

  1. When it opened a few years back, the steaks were very good, had dinner there last night and 3 weeks ago, was shocked to notice how much the quality of their food has dropped. Still very good atmosphere for families.
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  2. Julian Grade says:

    Sugar and salt don’t sound appetizing. Neither does milk nor flour. Eggs and yeast don’t make me hungry either. But Spur makes all that enjoyable in just 1 bite. Spur has this cool breeze that comes in and out and it’s so refreshing. Their desserts are so tender and sweet. Their dishes are like a whole buffet of good food. They even have a play area for the young children to have fun and they can play on trampolines and play stations. They even have a movie place for all ages.
    As I walked into Spur the waiters welcomed us in with a smile and gave us a balloon each while they directed us to a table for 5. As I sat down I looked up and saw these chandeliers that where so marvelous. Then the waiter arrives with the kids and adult menus. Their plastic menus are very neat and don’t have points sticking out. The menus have visuals beside most food description. The best part is when they fry chicken you can just hear the sizzling of the chicken and smell the chicken from as far as 10 meters away that’s how good it smells. The food arrives early. If they say 10 minutes it comes in that time or even shorter. All those who are salad eaters and love starters there’s a buffet of all types of salad and buffets for you. If you love spicy food I suggest taking the spicy chicken wings they really don’t lie when they say spicy.
    Their proportions are very accurate. They have a right amount of food depending on who you are if you are a kid they have kiddy proportions, if you are an adult they have the right proportion for you. They have just enough to stuff you up like a stuffed turkey. They have different types of drinks from coffee down to a milkshake.
    The desserts are so good its heaven in each bite you take. They make their desserts in less than a flash that if you blink it’s automatically on the table. If you like ice cream you should try their ice cream and waffle desserts it’s to delicious even the word can’t explain how good it is. The size is just right to eat alone or with 2 people.

  3. Sibtain Merchant says:

    Sibtain Merchant

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