Tamarai Restaurant

Plot 14 Lower Kololo Terrace



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Overview & Features

Tamarai is a Pan Asian cuisine restaurant, Tea Bar and Lounge. Tamarai is pleased to have Uganda’s first ever Tea bar with 14 different tea flavors, infusions and mocktails.



Prawns Cashewnut
Stir fried prawns in cashewnut sauce served with fried rice and salad.

Ginger Chicken
A Chinese style chicken with ginger, soy sauce and cashew nuts served with fried rice and salad.

Masman Pork Ribs
Pork ribs in thai style red curry with cashewnuts served with salad and steamed rice.


Grilled Duck
Grilled marinated duck served with pepper sauce, salad and fried rice.

Pork Chops
Grilled marinated pork chops with black pepper sauce served with mashed potatoes and salad.

Tilapia Black Pepper
Stir fried tilapia fillet with black pepper sauce served with fried rice and salad.

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17 Reviews

  1. Julia Mayersohn says:

    I love thai food and was very glad that this place opened. The first time I went was massively disappointing – the hand pulled noodles tasted like they came out of a packet. The next time the food was very good, but we found it very expensive by kampala standards.

    So good food if you order well – but if you are going to spend this much you could have an always glorious meal at Yujo so you might as well just do that.

    Service was nice and the space is pleasant.

  2. Denis Musaazi says:

    I loved the chicken in coconut. truly special. thank u

  3. Taga Phillip says:

    For lack of a sixth star rating, wow… The food was perfect, the pork mouth crunchy and melting in the mouth, couldn’t ask for better.
    Pay them a visit today.

  4. Anne Murungi says:

    The crispy pork leg was, put simply: perfection! Service was great and helpful, keen and patient to answer all our questions. Thank you tamarai.

  5. Anne Murungi says:

    it was 5 stars definitely. ignore the one star in my previous review

  6. Zo says:

    Amazing Thai food, great ambiance. Definitely worth a visit.

  7. Michelle says:

    The food was great… But the service.. Amazing.. Keen, patient waiters who seem to know what they are doing… Best service I’ve received in Kampala.. Awesome job guys:-)

  8. Visually stimulating beautiful decor and an extensive menu! I was surprised that they didn’t offer more options on their Kampala Restaurant Week menu. I ordered the duck, and enjoyed the Asian flavors ginger soy and the fried egg on top was a nice touch, my only fault was that it was served lukewarm instead of hot!

  9. Claire Ninsiima says:

    Everything was done to perfection.
    Cocktail juice on point!

  10. Tomi says:

    I had the casual menu pork dish. Soup and salad were great and the pork was very good. If they had this dish on the menu at this price all the time I would definitely come more and order!

  11. Peacekinz says:

    I had the springs rolls , stir fried lobster and the Ugandan oriental fusion. (😁) The lobster was scrumptious, melted in my mouth. Definitely coming back for more.

  12. Prince noris says:

    Wonderful service

  13. Bladmill putin says:

    What a wonderful restaurant and in beaten service in Kampala.thank tamarai restaurant

  14. The princess says:

    Good service good ambience good food

  15. Flavia says:

    Good service good foooooooooood

  16. Christine says:

    Amazing food. So amazing. Need a redo.

  17. Toe-knee Rukidi says:

    Great meals indeed…am just astonished.. wow.

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