The Lawns Restaurant

Plot 3A Lower Kololo Terrace


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Overview & Features

The Lawns blends the urban landscape with décor of countryside restaurant, with foods selected all across the continent and fused with local ingredients to create fusion delights.



Crocodile Lemonata Parcel with Plantain Wedges and Spinach Dip
Greek style Crocodile Lemonata served in banana leaves parcel with herbed crispy plantain wedges and spinach dip.

Porky Pie
A twist in Shepherds Pie. Spicy Pork topped with sweet potato mash and cheese.


Chianti Hartebeest
Hartebeest cooked in Chianti Wine, herbs and spices, served with pilau rice and beetroot and cabbage salad.

Pepper Crusted Beef Fillet
Pepper crusted Fillet steak grilled to perfection served on a bed of sautéed spinach, roasted mushroom and cherry tomatoes served with matooke dumplings.

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10 Reviews

  1. Moya Moses says:

    Wonderful place especially the servers who I find top notch.

  2. Moya Moses says:

    Wonderful place especially the servers who I find top notch

  3. Natalie Mukundane says:

    The really lovely gardens, caring staff, i got to play with the cute, huge fluffy rabits..enjoyed the cool evening night breeze for i sat in the gardens as i had my dinner…though i think i made a wrong order choice the food was too spicy for my liking Ooops.. lol but will definitely go back when i get the chance

  4. Hamza says:

    Nice place vry beautiful indeed however i wonder if their choices of the menu to use for KRW 2015 was the best they can get: first of all so not at all impressing, especially the signature dish; meat was cold, the rest tasteless, and we are still hungry ….disappointing, especially for that price. Boooooo the lawns

  5. Jackie says:

    Very disappointing. Food tasteless and quantity meagre. I have had better food served at this restaurant in the past!

  6. Angeline says:

    The ambience and setup in their new location is amazing. However, the service is terrible…the wait-staff stand in corners all over the restaurant but are not attentive to the tables they are serving so you have to keep stretching out your hand frantically for service. When a waiter does serve you he is too busy talking and making silly jokes – and they always get my order wrong. Lastly, the crispy salmon dish has got to be the worst Salmon I have ever tasted – they use too much soy sauce in the noodles and they over cooked the fish such that the skin was burned black instead of golden brown and the insides were falling all over. Terrible experience as usual.

  7. Alpesh Patel says:

    Awsm food….. fantastic service …… NICE AMBIENCE

  8. Best dishes and chefs
    Creativity so unique .you are the best guys keep going.

  9. Pam Hatega says:

    I had chianti hartebeest it was wonderful

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