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Yujo is a Japanese Restaurant in Nakasero with a specialty in Japanese cuisine like tofu, and sushi. Given its more upmarket surroundings, the eateries in the vicinity are naturally higher end to cater to its richer clientele. As with the somewhat higher prices, it usually also means you are paying for better quality food which is exactly what you’ll get at Yujo.



Panko Breaded Fort Portal Saint Maurel Cheese (Firm/Tangy/Creamy) with Moringa Honey and Sesame

Suggested Pairing: Zonin’s Sweet Italian Muscato

Thinly sliced Scottish Salmon with Flying Fish Caviar, Diced Spring Onion, and ashed Fort Portal Goats Cheese (Soft/Savoury/Nutty)
Suggested Pairing: Hardy’s Zingy Australian Sauvignon Blanc

Rolled and Braised Pork Belly sliced thin and served atop a bowl of steaming rice with “mistaken greens” and a healthy serving of sweet-salty gravy.

Suggested Pairing: Hardy’s Spicy Australian Shiraz


Rubbed with Japanese sweet soy glaze, served with a heap of onion tempura in light shichimi seven spice and steamed rice.

Suggested Pairing: Hardy’s Smooth Australian Merlot

Seared and then lightly baked with our home made miso glaze. Served with mixed vegetable tempura and steamed rice.

Suggested Pairing: Nederburg’s Refreshing Foundation Rose

A large bowl of seasoned sushi rice topped with sliced seafood sashimi, avocado, mangoes, and flying fish caviar. Served with soy sauce and wasabi.

Suggested Pairing: Hardy’s Sweet and Tangy Australian Riesling

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  1. Ramakrishnan T says:

    The food is amazing and surprisingly authentic considering it is in Africa where things tend to be adapted to the local palate. It’s set in a very nice location and is without doubt one of the better restaurants in Kampala. Just watch out for the two guys who run the place though 😉

  2. Dean OO says:

    Finally, a place with awesome sushi in Kampala. A bit pricey, but it’s understandable since Uganda is a landlocked country. You will not regret eating there.

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  4. Lee says:

    Definitely my favorite restaurant in Kampala and dinner tonight was fantastic. The food is always delicious and the service is great. Heck, it’s so good I’m going back again for lunch tomorrow!

  5. So delicious. LOVE this place.

  6. Mama Nsawo says:

    Lovely. Not being. ‘Fish’ person and lacking other seafood options, I was cornered into trying out the salmon!!! Yum!! As good as any Id had anywhere else!!! Service does take a while though. Had a nice waitress! Hubby had the steak bits. Had been weary about going before. Glad Kla Res Week encouraged me to try it out

  7. Anne Murungi says:

    had the chicken wings which I did not see on the Kla restuarant week menu. Well presented.

  8. Brenda says:

    The ambiance was very nice.Two casual dishes out of three on kla restaurant week menu were the only ones available so the pork dishes had to be ordered off their main menu.The best dishes served were from the main menu,that is Sushi and pot tea.The sauces that go with the food were really tasty.The waitresses and waiters were welcoming and hospitable.
    However,having one toilet for each sex is highly unadvisable for a restaurant-needs to work on that.

  9. Carlo says:

    The only flaw to this amazing menu was the service. The wait staff may be nice but they are not very attentive. I went twice during this #KlaRestaurantWeek because their menu had a lot of food that I wanted to try. Every single thing was a hit! The food gets a 10/10! The service was lacklustre though and the ladies’ bathroom was a hot mess. They did clean it up and stocked on toilet paper when I asked one of the waiters to. Awesome food overall. I feel like going a third time to eat all the meals I missed out on.

  10. Royce says:

    This was my first sushi experience so i dont have a comparative But i loved every bite.the service was warm and very responsive.the only downer were the small wine serving portion versus the huge size of the glass its served in..it made for poor presentation.other than that,its definately a must visit especially during the kampala restaurant week..the reduced prices encourage trying different dishes which was awesome.

  11. Emily says:

    Yujo’s Tempura is the best in Kampala. I love the freshness of the Ebi and vegetables coated with the crispy batter. Never get tired of eating these.

  12. Susie says:

    The sushi was DIVINE!

  13. Helena says:

    The restaurant is great. But the waiters don’t know what they are doing. This could be bad business for the restaurant. food gets 90% but the bathrooms need to be worked on. Otherwise the sushi and all other dishes are great. The wine is served in a standard glass.

  14. Claire Ninsiima says:

    The food gets 5 stars.
    The ambiance 4 stars

  15. maureen says:

    the food is amazing. the waiter we had was amazing as well…I hope everyone tried out this place.

  16. Sandrine Zeller says:

    I loved the landlocked Nigiri. I was some amazing taste. The staff is always so attentive to us. For me, Yujo is my favourite restaurant and the best in Kampala. Vive Yujo, bisous !

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